Monday, January 29, 2007

You know you have watched one too many cooking shows when...

My husband has discovered Alton Brown. If you have never heard of or seen Alton Brown, I highly suggest you checking him out. You might even be able to get your library to buy some of his DVD's. If you have the money, you can buy it cheaper through Target than through The Food Network.

Alton Brown talks about the SCIENCE behind cooking. I plan on making these DVD's a part of the girls homemaking curriculum. The one on cookies is FANTASTIC! These DVD's are especially great for those who want to deviate from recipes but really don't know how. Once you know the science behind why and how certain ingredients act together, you can change the recipe and have it come out! :D

He has a very funny style which really keeps you interested in the show. And once you cook eggs the Alton Brown way, you will never go back!

So how can you tell you have watched too many cooking shows? Your children turn every meal into their own cooking show! My girls are so cute! They have started doing their own cooking shows with each meal. Now of course, they don't know the science behind everything, but it is so cute to watch them.

"First you take the cracker and then you gently spread the oatmeal on it."

"After adding the sauce, toss gently until everything is all mixed together."

At least my girls are learning some cooking terminology. :D

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devildogwife said...

I love Alton Brown (my sister hates him, lol!) I think it's so interesting to hear the way of things. His show on muffins was really helpful as well.

Make sure you tape some of your girls cooking shows, so you can enjoy them in the future!