Thursday, May 31, 2007

Check It Out - Heirlooms and Tote Bags :)

Like Merchant Ships has some GOOD stuff on her blog this week! But I must admit that the most touching was this post about creating heirloom memories. Fit right in with my post on someday.

And just for MY future reference (yes, I check my blog frequently for "where did I see that..." :) ) remember this article on picking up fabric totes to use as gift bags. I LOVE this idea! I must admit that as long as the tote bag is in good, clean, did I mention GOOD shape, then why not use it? In fact you are giving TWO gifts if you use a tote bag as the gift bag because the tote bag can always be used too!!! :D And what a GREAT USE for all that fabric I just bought at a yard sale - Making tote bags to use as gift bags! I have used fabric bags to warp gifts for Christmas (I feel another blog post coming on), but never thought of using tote bags. OK ok if you couldn't tell, I really like this idea. :)

Does Your Husband Trust You?

The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain.
Proverbs 31:11

What woman doesn't aspire to be the Proverbs 31 woman? Even though I had been a Christian for over two years when I married (my beloved is the one who actually brought me to a saving knowledge of the grace of Jesus), I had never heard about the Proverbs 31 woman until my wedding day. I had asked a godly woman friend of mine to share a Bible verse that would be good for me to meditate on as a newly married woman. She asked to think about it. And on my wedding day, while saying our goodbyes, she drew me in close, hugged me, and told me that the verse I needed was Proverbs 31.

Well eventually I read Proverbs 31 and was worried. I wondered if my beloved had read that before he proposed if we would have been married at all! LOL! I did not live up to ANYTHING in that chapter! LOL!

But slowly, over time, I have tried more and more to be that woman for my beloved. And one of the verses I chose to work on first was the winning the trust of my husband. I wasn't a good cook, didn't sew or do anything with my hands, had no idea how to reach out to the poor, and was NOT good at waking up in the morning. I was not good at keeping my tongue, speaking with wisdom, or dying to myself to always be doing him good. So it seemed like the trust was a good one to start with.

You see, I grew up lying. In fact, I was REALLY good at it. And I had done it for so long, that my conscious was no longer seared by it. But shortly after becoming a Christian, I started feeling a conviction every time I lied. Even those little "white" lies. I realized that I really needed to change. Not just because I didn't like this searing feeling I got every time I lied, but because I realized that God was displeased when I lied. He calls lying an abomination, and He did not use that word lightly in His word.

So I went cold turkey. No more lying.

It is still a struggle, almost 11 years later, not to lie. I will sometimes even have to correct myself mid sentence in order to avoid lying. It is VERY humbling (and admittedly embarrassing), but it has been worth it. You see, it has been so long since I have lied that my husband completely trusts me. (And I say this knowing full well that it is still a struggle and something I constantly have to be aware of lest I slip and fall.)

Now that trust in me is a scary thing (as I recently found out). My husband had asked me when the wildflowers were most prominent in Colorado so he can take pictures. I told him that I had just read that and it was mid June. So he calls work and asks for a week in mid June off. WOW! That is a great thing, right? Well not really. Because I had mistakenly remembered June when in actuality it was mid JULY that the wildflowers are in abundance.

This showed me just how far reaching my husband's trust of me is. And how I need to make sure that even in the little things - like which "J" month has an abundance of wildflowers in bloom - I need to make sure I have my facts straight BEFORE presenting them to my husband. His trust in me is a precious thing and I do not want to lose it because I have my facts mixed up. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I simply MUST save that recipe.
Someday I will do it with the children.
I have to have that new item.
I will have company over and use it.
I have to clip that article and read it, someday.
I have to save that dress.
I might be able to wear it
I simply have to keep that article,
we will make that craft.

Always living for SOMEDAY and never living for today.
Are you like that? I know that I am.

I have wasted so much time COLLECTING things we will SOMEDAY do, that I waste the precious short time God has given me with my children/my family. I save all these things we will SOMEDAY do, and never get around to doing them. Maybe because I have so many that I can never find it. Or maybe because I spend so much time collecting that I don't have time to do them.

We recently went to an estate sale. A REAL one (not one where people just call it one so more people will come). I was looking at all her stuff there. Stuff that was precious to her, precious enough to keep, that was now just a burden to her family. Something to be gotten rid of. I wonder what, if anything her living family kept.

When my grandmother died (my mom's mom), my mom took an orange pitcher. I am not sure as to the meaning behind it, but that was so valuable to her. I look around my house and wonder, what value does any of this have to my children? What value will any of this have to them when they get older?

I would hope that some of the stuff I have made (like quilts and such) will have meaning for them and be kept. But what about all this other ... STUFF. And why am I waiting for SOMEDAY to use it?!?!

So no more collecting! All that does is add more CLUTTER to my life! And something for my children to declutter when I am gone. TODAY is the day to ENJOY what I have been given.

Instead of adding one more thing to be mended to the pile (of which most of the stuff there no longer fits anyone in this family), I create a time each week to mend things. I decide if I want to take the time to mend it, or just toss it.

Instead of collecting more things to do, I will start DOING them. I will plan one day a week to DO something that I have either already collected OR came across that week.

I will start making those fun recipes WITH the children and discarding them if they are not good, or adding them to our recipe file if they are. I will try a new recipe a week (funds allowing).

I will get rid of those clothes that I have not worn in over a year (because they no longer fit). A lady whose house had NO clutter in it was having a garage sale. Not much stuff was there and she said that it was all her clutter. ALL of her clutter could fit on two tables at a garage sale! She had a rule that if she had not worn an item in a year, it went on the sale rack at a garage sale. No matter how cute it was or how much she loved it. If it did not sale (and she was charging VERY reasonable prices), then, and ONLY then would she put it back in her closet for another year. Take all clothes I have not worn in a year and sell it!

Books that I have and have never read I will start reading one at a time, and determine to keep it,Paper Back Swap It, or sell it. (I know that seems odd to exchange books, but my interests have changed so much from when I first started "collecting" books, that things I really want now, that will help us no matter where we live or what we do - like raising a son to be able to be the sole provider for his family, teaching girls how to love being women and women for the Lord, growing your own vegetables and making your own soap, etc. - need to fill my shelves.)

I will stop waiting for SOMEDAY and I will start ENJOYING TODAY!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Father's Day Ideas

I think Father's are totally unappreciated. They never make a fuss (like Mother's sometimes can) about missing "their" holiday. And so it is easy that Momma becomes wrapped up in the business of caring for her family that she forgets to really CELEBRATE the Daddy.

I am so blessed to be married to my beloved. And I admit that in the past I am usually one who gets so wrapped up in the business of caring for my family that I usually do something last minute (and sadly not very meaningful) for my beloved to show my appreciation of him for his role as the father of our children.

Sadly last year I cannot remember what, if anything, I did. The year before I made him a plaque with each of the children's footprints and the words:

We follow you as you follow Christ - 1 Cor 11:1

This year I want it to be different. This year, I am taking the next few days/weeks to really work on his gift and to CELEBRATE the gift that he truly is. I will post my project as I complete it. I know he does not read my blog (he told me so himself), so no worries there. :)

Here are some links for Father’s Day Ideas from The Romantic.
Creative Father's Day Ideas

More Great Father's Day Gifts

One of the things I am thinking of doing is making a shirt of all the kids hands prints that says “Best Dad Hands Down!” I know my husband and a handmade gift from the children would mean more to him than anything store bought. But I am unsure. I also plan on writing a letter about each child's birth and how I have seen him be there for it and through it, and how I have seen him bond and grow in his relationship with each of the children. I also want each of the children to talk about (maybe on video tape) about their Daddy.

I would LOVE to hear what you ladies are doing for your man for Father’s Day. And I encourage you to go really BIG this year! Life is too short and too precious.

Side note: I am sorry this did not show up on Tuesday when I posted it, I had the wrong date on it! LOL!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

What To Do With All Those Drawings?!?!?!

I do not know WHY I did not think of this before.

My children LOVE to draw. And while every drawing is special, I simply cannot keep every one of them. Some of them, of course are kept for sentimental reasons. And some are drawn for others (thank God for extended family) :)

But what about all the other drawings "just for you Momma"?!?!

Well, I have started keeping them in a box for the children to pick out from to send to shut-ins, take to nursing homes, and to send to sick people in the hospitals. It blesses me to see the pictures being sent to those who can appreciate them, as they are precious to me. And it blesses my children to be able to bless others with their drawings.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Sweethearts: Honor

Week of 06/13/05
"Don't sweat the small stuff."

A wicked man puts up a bold front, but an upright man gives thought to his ways
. Proverbs 21:29

If I "treasure" or honor a person, my positive, warm feelings about him or her begin to rise correspondingly. I realize that it isn't always easy to keep one's thoughts and feelings at the "honoring" level. But if an attitude of dishonor is allowed to develop or turn destructive, it's a short step to attaching negative feeling to that person. instead of his actions. When we begin a pattern of consistently dishonoring others—even if it's only in our minds—within a matter of a few weeks we can lose nearly all loving feelings for them.

That's when you begin to hear the comments, "I hate this job!" or "Of all the fish in the sea, I got stuck with her!" That's also where small acts of irritation—like squeezing the toothpaste tube from the wrong end—can end up being "grounds" for divorce. Or your office mate keeping their desk cluttered—can end up being "grounds" for quitting.

The little things can bring about major escalation. Why is it that something as small as a toothpaste tube or a little clutter can bring us to the point of devastation?

But the opposite is true as well. Time and again, when honor begins to take root, within a matter of a few days or weeks, your feelings will start to change. You'll begin to be more patient with your spouse or co-worker.

Remember, your feelings are based on what you think. To change your feelings towards another and to begin honoring them, you must evaluate and eliminate the negative thinking.

What little things are starting to drive you away from your loved ones?

How has your dwelling on the small stuff affected you ability to honor others?

© Copyright 2005 Smalley Relationship Center

Remember, THESE ARE IDEAS FOR YOU (not your husband). YOU are to romance your husband! I was inspired to do these Saturday Sweethearts based on a book called Romancing Your Husband by Debra White Smith. PLEASE get a hold of this book and read it. It is a really good book and will really change your life. :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday's Fun: Vintage Games - Hymn Geography

Of course, being a Christian AND a homeschooling mom, I love to find games that tie the two together!!!

Select hymns (or portions of hymns) which have something to do with geography. For example, "The Old Rugged Cross" suggests a hill and "The Stranger of Galilee" suggests a lake. See how quickly you can name the geographical factor the hymn suggests (or mentions). You can give points for each correct guess OR, you can just have fun by shouting it out and then continue singing the song and praising the Lord together.

This is a WONDERFUL way to get to know th slowly fading art of the BEAUTIFUL hymns that are out there!!

Cyber Hymnal is my favorite place for finding hymns (but you can google and find one that works for you). You can also buy CD's with hymns on them. For he past few weeks, I have been trying to learn a new hymn a week. Ever since my first, I have been singing hymns to my children, especially at night to help them to sleep.

Cleaning and Decluttering (again, it's never ending)

Imagine your ideal life. Now think about
the life you are actually living.
Does the stuff you own contribute
to the life you are hoping to achieve,
or is it getting in the way of that vision?

Peter Walsh

This is a favorite quote of HomeSpun Heart on a new book she is currently reading that is now on my to be read list. It is called It's All Too Much and is from the guy on the TV show Clean Sweep.

Thanks HomeSpun Heart (I do need to learn you REAL name) for the tip!! :)

When I think about my ideal life, I imagine a family full of joy and the Love of the Lord. Serving Him with all our hearts and sharing His love, mercy and grace with all those we come in contact with. A family full of love and peace.

I imagine a home where everything has a place and everything in it's place. Lots of BRIGHT and open space (not cluttered by piles of stuff here and there). Freshly cut flowers from the flower garden adorning tables and nightstands, filling the house with a heavenly aroma. Standing in the kitchen with my girls making dinner from scratch with veggies freshly brought in from the garden. Aprons hanging up, covered with a smidgen of dust from the garden and flour from baking. Homemade quilts and afghans hanging on the quilt rack. Books and Books and BOOKS lined up neat and orderly along a built in bookshelf/library.

I imagine a life where we are able to have friends and neighbors and the poor and hungry over anytime, without having to do a dash run to clean up the house. I imagine being able to have time to experiment and explore with the children rather than always telling them to clean (and always cleaning myself). A life where we are free and clear of all forms of clutter (in our house and in our minds).

I have spent a lot of time today decluttering in the basement. I have a LOT of stuff to get rid of. My husband wants to look at everything before getting rid of it. That really is frustrating. I have to explain WHY I am getting rid of something.

Now of course, I know a submissive wife is NOT supposed to get all riled up about this, but I did. And then I began to think about it.

If the Lord had asked me to explain why I was getting rid of every item, wouldn't I say "Yes Lord, with pleasure!" And then joyfully picked up each item and explained why I felt it was good to declutter this item??!! Of course I would!

And yet, even though I am to submit to my husband AS UNTO THE LORD (Eph 5:22), I still struggle with him. So after this realization, I came to the conclusion that this really is a GOOD thing. Not only am I getting a reminder of just how much I need to work on the area of submission, but also I get a lesson on what I have purchased and brought into this house that has been more of a hindrance to the life we want to live. When added up what I spent on all those items, all that money that could have been spent to send our WHOLE family (family of 6) on a cruise for a week!

It amazes me how often we don't have money for things. I am quickly realizing that we would have money for things if I didn't spend it so frivolously thinking it was something that would be used. I need to be much more thoughtful about EVERY purchase (even those 25 cent books at Goodwill!). It really does add up.

I am thinking that next time I am tempted to spend money on a book or other item, if it really isn't something I need (or that would TRULY benefit our family), then I keep track and put that money in a special account. It would be nice to go back to Disneyland, or on a Disney Cruise! or to buy that laptop I want or an iPod or new camera. Wow! Just think of all the family building things I COULD have spent that money on that would last MUCH longer than a few months/years in our house and then sold at a garage sale for pennies compared to what I paid for it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Open Source for Cola!!

My wonderful beloved found a recipe for Cola!!! Pepsi and Coke heavily guard their recipes, but THIS free Cola recipe is pretty good!

Meme on Books

Meme from Like Merchant Ships

Find the NEAREST BOOK to you (do not go looking around for a good book). Turn to page 161 and read the 5th full sentence. Share it with us.

Tomato worms emit a very foul smell that will get on your hands and clothes.

EEWWWWW!! Not so sure I want to grow heirloom tomatoes anymore. How did I miss that sentence the first time I read this book???

With gardening time here (we are mostly preparing for NEXT year's garden - you know how it is when you first move into a new house...) so I have my FAVORITE gardening book All New Square Foot Gardening. If you read this book in the past and thought TOO MUCH WORK, then you need to read the ALL NEW version! OH this makes gardening SO EASY! Even your two year old can garden (and have a WEED FREE garden!). :)

I tag anyone who wants to participate. Just leave a comment and I will follow up!! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Must See Site - Family Fun and Friendly Ideas

I cannot BELIEVE that I have not linked to or find a mention of this site on my blog!!!

I admit that while it is one that I used to frequent more often, I found other blogs that took up more time. HOWEVER, she has been doing something on her blog that makes it one that I try to visit at least once a week to see what the NEW FAMILY FUN NIGHT is!! This is a FABULOUS idea!!!!

Friday is our fun night too (I need to get back into posting my Friday's Vintage Fun ideas.

Anyways, the site is called The Homespun Heart and is definitely a must see site!!! And one to add to your RSS feed!!!

Some of my favorite post from recent:
Family Night: Water Fun!
Family Mail Boxes
Little Ladies Tea Party (Rebecca and Shereen - I thought of you when I saw this! This is a MUST read)

Crochet Crochet Crochet

Needless to say, if you are not interested in crochet, skip this post. :)

Check out these free ADORABLE patterns! Cute little sunhats for the boys and ruffled sunhats for girls! I signed up for their newsletter. I LOVE their patterns (so vintage!). Not everything on there is free. From Crochet Garden, a BEAUTIFUL site!

Another cute site with a few free patterns is Lullibies and Lace. I love their washcloth sets (I am pretty sure there are free patterns for this out there, but not sure if they are as CUTE as these) and I love her children's sets!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Do you like to save money? I do. I not only like to save money, but I like READING about how to save money.

The creators of Living on a Dime are trying to get a down payment for their house and so have put all their ebooks into a one time only download (over $155 dollars worth of ebooks for only $35)!!!

Not only will you be getting some GREAT books, but you will be helping a family glorify God in their expenses!

AND if you send a copy of your receipt to Homeschool Radio Shows, you get a free gift!

Butterfly Bungalow


Isn't it the cutest?!?!? We found it at TJ Maxx for only $25!!! (regularly $40) It was the last one. We have done the butterfly thing before (bought the Insect Lore Pavilion and all, and only one butterfly made it all the way through). My girls really enjoyed it (the butterfly had actually somehow escaped the pavilion and the girls thought that was the best).

We have an actual Butterfly Pavilion here (very large with all different kinds of butterflies as well as other things, but it is kinda expensive to get into). And my girls knew NOT to touch the butterflies, but we had told them if they hold out their hands/fingers that butterflies might land on them. My girls were constantly rebuked by the staff there. I hated it.

SOOOoooo when I saw this, and on Mother's Day, I asked if we might splurge and get it. We put it together as soon as we got home. The holes to insert the poles in were quite difficult to find AND they were in the FRONT, not in the back (as the instructions said they were). I am also quite disappointed (especially for the price you pay) that you are required to pay an additional $5 for shipping of the larvae to you. I do not remember having to do that the last time we purchased something from Insect Lore. However, the pavillion is quite LARGE! My 7 year old (who is quite tall for her age) fits in there comfortably with plenty of room for her head and for the butterflies to fly around.

All in all, I am VERY excited and pretty pleased about the purchase. I definitely would NOT pay more for this than we did. Especially considering that you have to pay for shipping of the larvae. This would make an EXCELLENT gift, just remember to include a check made out to Insect Lore for $5! :) I will post pictures and talk all about this as it happens. :)

(PS...I am sorry for not posting yesterday. I was in court half the day fighting a ticket and the other half enjoying my family.)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Sweethearts: Tropical Rain Forest

I JUST LOVE this idea!!!

Bring the Rain Forest Indoors
by Michael Webb

Ah! A tropical Rain Forest! With its beautiful flowers, singing birds and splashing waterfall you have an instant romantic adventure. No, I'm not about to tell you about a recent trip to some exotic country. Here is how you can have a enchanting rain forest in your own home.

It's so simple I am amazed I didn't think of it earlier. Fill your bathroom with as many plants as you can (no cactus, please). Bring in your music box and play your tape or CD of bird songs or tropical music (even Caribbean music would create the right atmosphere). With some duct tape and a dustpan you can easily transform your showerhead into a waterfall (scrub the dustpan first).

If you want to go all out, replace your regular light bulbs with colored ones blue and green would be a good choice to set the mood. Bring in some candles with scents such as coconut, pineapple and mango.

Now the next time your loved one needs a getaway but you don't have the time or the money, take their stress away with a tropical waterfall. It's a lot more creative than your average bubble bath with candles around the tub. Not only will your spouse thank you but your plants will enjoy the treatment as well.

Remember, THESE ARE IDEAS FOR YOU (not your husband). YOU are to romance your husband! I was inspired to do these Saturday Sweethearts based on a book called Romancing Your Husband by Debra White Smith. PLEASE get a hold of this book and read it. It is a really good book and will really change your life. :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Not Your Typical Crocheted Towel (and MARY JANE!!!)

First, about Mary Jane! I finally got a hold of her new stitching book from the library (I was nine in line to have it on hold). OH I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! As any of my long time readers know, I am a HUGE Mary Jane fan!!! And while she is a bit more liberal than my circle of friends, I do admire her and love her writings. And her projects. And her way of life (farming, everything done from scratch and HANDS ON, etc.)
(Rebecca, I thought of you while thumbing through this latest book of hers - especially when I came to the yo-yo section, she made a Beautiful PILLOW!!! Be sure to check it out!)

I finally got her first book (a birthday present from hubby) and am hoping to get this second one for my birthday this year (long time away, but enough time to save up for it). :)

Ok, now for those of you who do ANY craft (not just sewing), head over to Waiting For Him's Sew Crafty Friday and share what you are working on. She just posted a link to the CUTEST towel topper!!!

Right now it is finally nice enough to do gardening so that is where I have been. NO time for crafts right now. It feels so good to be getting out there and working hard with my hands. We just moved in and are having to pull up tons of Juniper plants (Yuck! What where the previous owners thinking?). It has been hard work. But the beautiful Holly Hocks that will line that row of front space garden (have not even had time to work on the back yet) is going to be SO WORTH IT! Especially when we make Holly Hock Dolls! I will post links for those later. Break over and back to pulling up those NASTY Junipers!

Garage Saleing with Little Ones

I love hitting the garage sales with my young children. I have been saleing with my littles ever since they were born. Here are some tips I have learned over the years.

I know how difficult it can be to get them in and out and in and out. I usually leave them in the car, with the van door open. I park RIGHT NEXT to the driveway. I also try to get them at least one thing while we are out (per day not per sale). Usually from a free box.

I also do a lot of drive bys. This is not rude, this is SMART! If I do not see anything worthwhile from the curb, I don't want to get out and waste my time (and possibly money) on something that is not what I am looking for. My kids have learned the value of drive bys. :)

I also let them out at the really big sales. Yes, it takes more time, but I am also training them.

They might ask for something and we talk about it: why do they want it? where would it go? what would they be willing to get rid of to get it (they have to get rid of something they have at home to make room for the new thing from the sale).

Whenever they get out, they see how momma looks for certain things. I talk about what I am looking at and for. They might ask why I picked something up and put it back, and I will tell them.

I try to let them out at about every 5 sales. My oldest (now 7yr) sometimes finds better bargains than I do. She has a GREAT eye! I want my children to enjoy saleing as much as I do. :) I hope this helps!!! :) I hope it encourages you to sale with your littles.

(OH and I have been so disappointed with the sales around here lately! After I posted my BIG FIND with all the tents and all, I have found nothing! LOL!!! My husband however found a Grace Notes wind chime for $2!! These are normally $70+!! They are perfectly tunned wind chimes and sound so beautiful outside my window!)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well it happened....

I got my first spam comment. I was really hoping it would never happen to me, but since it did (and thankfully I was online when it happened and HOPEFULLY was able to delete it before anyone could see it)...and since I don't have as much time on the computer to monitor things like that, I have changed my comments to be moderator enabled.

I REALLY HOPE this doesn't deter anyone from commenting. Those of you who blog know how important those comments are. They give you the encouragement to keep blogging everyday.

SO take some time today to leave some loving on someone's blog whom you really appreciate. :)

Happy Birthday My Little One

(Click on the picture to see credits and details like journaling - Hosted at Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild)

My little girl turned 4 this month. She still likes to cuddle (in fact yesterday she thought I was sleeping and crawled up on top of me and gave me lots of kisses and said "I love you Momma, sleep well.") Her favorite color is pink AND green (what four year old has only ONE favorite anyway?). Her favorite song is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." She still delights to see me smile at her, and comes running with open arms when I crouch down and open my arms, wrapping her up in the biggest hug I can muster up at the moment.

I love ALL my girls, but on each of their birthday's I take time to focus on just them. And as I finally got time to create her layout, it brought back a flood of memories of how God has truly taught me so much through this blessing!

MM was not in our plans (but she sure was in God's). We knew we were pregnant the night we conceived her. Throughout her pregnancy, God grew both my beloved and me in our walk with the Lord, much more than HE prolly could have without this pregnancy. God gave us her name (the first time we actually prayed for a name for our child instead of picking one ourselves). Her birth was the easiest and most wonderful out of them all.

She broker her arm at the age of two. And that same year she also developed some mysterious SOMETHING (the doctors still have no idea what it is/was) that caused her fever to go near 106 and not come down despite medications. And she had a horrible pain in her side. They ran several tests and I stayed in the hospital with her a week, when one day the fever broke and the pain went away. They released us a day later (after running more tests) and that was that.

God sure has taught us a lot through our unexpected little blessing. She has brought so much joy and pleasure (her middle names means pleasure) into our lives. And our lives would be so incomplete without her. God knew we needed a little MM in our lives. And I am glad He did. :)

Home Ec 101

...what you wish your momma taught you

Oh I LOVE that tag line!!!!
Check out this AWESOME page that should be in EVERYONE'S feed reader!
Home Ec 101

I could spend HOURS here looking over all the information! WOW!!! THANK YOU HOME EC 101!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Power of 99 Days

Three things to do right now:
1) get a box of tissues
2) watch this movie
3) get down our your knees and thank God for every day you have been given with your child is a blessing

Dinner Then and Now

There is a VERY interesting read about how dinner has changed from years gone by.

What Time is Dinner? from History Magazine.
(Please note I have not looked at everything on this site, so if you go searching around, do so with caution and spiritual discernment.)

HT to CMOMB (Christian Mothers of Many Blessings - this site is a WONDERFUL community of ladies who edify and encourage one another in their walk with the Lord. Whether you have one child or 21 this community is definitely a good one that will welcome you.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gardening For Girls

Young Girls + Gardening + this post = fun fun fun fun FUN!

Zoo Day Fun - What A Great Idea

I love reading Like Merchant Ships. I am always finding FABULOUS ideas for saving money and for homeschooling! Yep, that's right. ANOTHER homeschooling tip from this wonderful blog.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

While she drew hers (I cannot draw that well), you could find pictures online and print them out. You could even make BINGO cards so the children can play along while looking. For older children, you could also have them seek out a fact about the animal (most animals have some sort of info thing in front of them). See who can find the most interesting fact.

Now that baby JJ is old enough to really look at the animals I SOOOOO want to goto the zoo. But the weather here has not been cooperating. Not to mention we did not get season passes this year. Hmmmm.... Maybe I can find coupons online? OR we can always wait until Denver has it's free day for the zoo (they do have a free day, right?? - Gotta check that now).

Monday, May 14, 2007


Today (Monday May 14) only, (actually just found out extended till 11AM on Tuesday), you can get 28 FREE EBOOKS from HOMESCHOOL E-STORE!
If it asks for a referring memail please use paula aatt paurian doott com

I am not sure if new members (FREE TO JOIN) can get in on this or not, but as a long time member, I had TOTALLY forgotten about this. So you go and take advantage of it right now! THEY EVEN HAVE AN ANTICOLORING BOOK!! YIPPEE!!!!!

T-Shirt Dresses and Crocheted Trimmed Socks

I have never seen a T-Shirt dress done this way or look this adorable!!!

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

I am one who learns better by pictures, and since this is a word tutorial, I am not sure if I will be able to do it or not yet. I am a VERY novice sewer. But I have been collecting fabric in the hopes of ONE day making these type dresses.

I also wanted to point out a tutorial on making crocheted trimmed socks. These are SO CUTE (and supposed to be SO EASY, but it looks a bit hard to me, maybe will be easier once I am actually doing it).

Crocheted Trimmed Socks Tutorial

HT to Simple Gifts (a wonderful new little blog that has popped up. if you like crafts you will like this site)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I love my children and take GREAT JOY in them.

Do your children know you take JOY in them? If someone came up and said "Your Momma would be so much happier if you weren't around" would your children believe them or would they laugh in disbelief?

I try to constantly tell my children that I love them. I tell them I am happy to be their Momma. I try to make this painfully true, especially during times when they are disobedient. I let them know even though I do not like what they have done, that I still love them, and NOTHING they ever do can make me stop loving them.

But love to a child is so much more than WORDS. It is ACTIONS.

Do your actions tell your children that you love them and take great joy in them?
Are you easily irritated at the little things they do or messes they make, or do you find joy in their joy and clean up together?
Do you spend more time doing "Mommy" things than doing what your children want to do (coloring together, building legos or blocks together, etc.)?
What are YOUR actions telling your children?

Being a mother is a WONDERFUL GIFT from God. And not one to be taken for granted. Today of all days, I am taking time to reflect on the past year of mothering and what changes I need to make. I want my children to delight in me and for me to always delight in them. I know it is supposed to be a time of celebration of being a mother, and I AM celebrating today with my family (as I hope you are too). But I also want to be the best mother I can be. I want my children to rise up and call me blessed. And that doesn't just happen because I am a mom. As with all things, being a mom, a GOOD mom, takes work. :)

Good Book - Stepping Heavenward

There is a wonderful book called Stepping Heavenward. I first learned about it when I read about it on a fav blog Titus 2 Talk.

Of course, I got on Paperback Swap and got myself a FREE copy! :)

Now I find you can get it online for free.
Project Gutenberg (WONDERFUL place that has hundreds of old books online for free) has put the copy on their site to download for free.

HT to Amy's Humble Musings (another good read)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Sweethearts: Kiss of the Week

Kiss of the Week
by Michael Webb

There is a little game I play with my wife Athena. I call it the kiss of the week. Each Sunday I designate a certain place to be the "kissing spot" and it is there that I softly plant my lips when I want to let her know I appreciate something she has done or to simply let her know that I love her.

I once heard an elderly man describe the success of his 75-year blissful marriage to his wife. He attributed it to the fact that he told his wife daily that he loved her and kissed her at least twice each day. I aim to follow his example and by having the kissing spot of the week, it helps me to make certain I am not forgetting to give my wife the daily kisses she deserves so much.

Some of the kissing spots have been: behind her left ear, between her eyes, the soft spot in the middle of her cheek and on the nape of her neck. It's fun trying to decide where the next "spot" will be and my wife looks forward to the new kiss at the beginning of the week. I do not forego kissing her on the lips, but I do make a conscious effort to kiss her often on the "kissing spot." If your darling hasn't been getting the kisses he or she deserves or you are looking for a way to be a more creative kisser, perhaps you too can implement the Kiss of the Week into your romantic lifestyle.

Remember, THESE ARE IDEAS FOR YOU (not your husband). YOU are to romance your husband! I was inspired to do these Saturday Sweethearts based on a book called Romancing Your Husband by Debra White Smith. PLEASE get a hold of this book and read it. It is a really good book and will really change your life. :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Are You Playing Holy Spirit in Your Husband's Life?

I think I finally understand it. Why even though I know it is wrong, I still try to be the Holy Spirit in my husband's life. It isn't that I don't trust God to do it, I do trust Him. It isn't even that I don't trust God to do it my way. I know God can do it and I would rather He do it His way than mine.

It is that it is easier for me to take things into my own hands than to have to consistently PRAY about it.

I am sure you have heard it before. The story of some wife who sees her husband about to do something she feels is wrong. She seeks counsel and is told to submit and trust God. If she prays, God will lead her husband, and all will be for His glory.

I am not sure if it is that I am lazy or just undisciplined, but I currently lack the ability to be consistent in most areas of my life. And prayer is an area of my life that I lack consistency in.

If I tell someone I will pray for them, I do it right then and there else I will forget and not pray for them at all. And when it comes to submitting to my husband, especially in an area of disagreement...where my prayers can impact my husband, I don't trust myself to pray. So I speak up before submitting.

Now I am not saying that we can never voice our concerns. But there is a difference between speaking up and making an appeal. Speaking up is what most wives do (at least what I do more of), where they speak before thinking and most definitely before praying, resulting in what is most likely an argument between her and her husband where her husband usually ends up submitting to her just to shut her up and make her happy (while he remains totally UNhappy).

Making an appeal is what Esther did when she took the time to pray and fast before approaching her husband the king about the murdering of her people, resulting in her people being saved and her husband being honored.

Either way, I need to get into a habit of praying. Especially before speaking. Especially before speaking to my husband. It will keep us from getting into arguments (which are few and far between, but they still happen) and it will allow me to be more of a helpmeet to my husband. It will be more honoring to him. And it will help me get out of the habit of trying to be the Holy Spirit in my husband's life. God can make him so much better than I can. When will I learn?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Contests for Moms

Head on over and check it out (but don't enter, I WANT TO WIN!! :D )
Just click the image.



This is so cool!!! As most of you know, the price of stamps is going up yet again. You honestly can't blame the USPS. With the ability to pay most bills online, email and IM, the post office is hardly used any more. HOWEVER, you can work around it and get stamps for a greatly reduced cost!


Read on here....
Beating the Postage Rate Increase

HT: a new blog I REALLY like At Home with Kris

Character Thought for Helpmeets

Character Thought: Initiative

Do you recognize things that your husband
might need done before he has to ask for them?

“She looketh well to the ways of her household,
and eateth not the bread of idleness.”
Proverbs 31:27

OH WOW! This is just one of the AWESOME things about this AWESOME new site that I know you will enjoy and appreciate as much as I do. I just wish I had found it sooner! It is called An Helpmeet For Him, and they have a weekly character trait (above is this week's) to work on and think about. And the articles there are so edifying and encouraging. I added this page to my RSS feed reader as soon as I finished reading the first paragraph! :)

As for this weekly character thought, I do try to do this. I try to keep an eye on his drink at meals, and fill it up before he gets up to fill it himself. I also try to take care of all finances and bills according to the budget we created together. I try to make sure that our pantry is stocked for things he likes to do (like plenty of flour for baking and other stockpiles of stuff for when he gets a chance to cook). I make sure the car is maintained (oil changes and other things up to date). I also try to plan something fun for the weekend, or at least have a few things for him to choose from. And in that, I try to incorporate ways he can take pictures (as photography is a hobby/passion of his and is a way he can express the creativity he is not allowed to at work).

I admit that I am not as good in other areas seeing what he needs done. I usually try to ask him in the morning if there is anything I can do for him that day. Usually, if I am keeping up with the bills and extra unexpected expenses and things that need to be done, there is usually nothing for him to say. :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Time to Think

Here is a MUST READ article on one of my favorite blogs. They do not post as often as they used to (as they have made changes in their priorities - GOOD FOR THEM!), but it is definitely one to visit whenever they do post.

Clearing The Log Jam

Do Not Withhold Good

(Found this on my other blog the other day as I am trying to make sure I have moved everything to this new blog, and it was very convicting. I thought I would share it here. This happened over a year ago.)

Recently, after disciplining the kids, I told them that they would not be going to the library to get their reward (the library has their summer reading program going on right now and for every so many books you read, you get such and such prize).

My husband brought up the verse do not withhold good from those whom it is due.

So they went.

Today they were about to go out to get their prizes (again), and EE (4yr) throws a huge temper tantrum because there were papers in her seat. So Daddy brings her back inside (I was staying home with the baby to do some cleaning while he napped). He said that he would get the prize for her while he was at the library with her sisters.

We got upstairs and I discipline her and we pray. When we are done, she asks if she is going to get her prize today. I said no and she screamed. I said now you won't get it tomorrow either. She was still crying, but the screaming had stopped.

Then that Bible verse popped back into my head. EE really had earned her prize, do I really need to keep it from her? So I told her should would get it today.

It is amazing how much that calmed her. She had worked hard for something, and even though she was throwing a temper tantrum for a completely different reason, she was still getting that "good thing."

I just went upstairs to check on the baby, and EE is fast asleep. I know for certain that had I not told her she would get the toy, she would still be playing quietly in bed instead of napping. I truly believe she isn't napping because she "got her way." I don't think she got her way at all. In fat, I think if she had felt she had gotten her way, she would still be up and playing quietly in bed.

I do think, however, that when we apply Biblical principles to training our children it brings them peace. She works harder to please me when I am in line with God's word when disciplining and training her.

I also think it is important that the negative consequence FIT the negative behavior. In this case, my withholding the toy she had already worked hard to earn was not fitting the negative behavior. Boy it is harder than I realized to do that. It is easy to have negative consequences, but matching them up to the negative behavior is hard. But I think if I can get that down, there would be a lot more peace in this house.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Argument to the 5th

HT to Sparrow's Nest for this!!! OH how I miss these days (not the days of fighting, but the days of entertainment like this).

The Christian Mother

I love love LOVE old books. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because most of the ideas shared are untainted by the world's views/standards and psycho-babble created to excuse away our sin. I especially love old books about homemaking and child-rearing. You never hear the term "terrible twos" or "teenager." A child was still expected to behave when 2 years old or when their age ended in the word "teen." And while I am so thankful that I have a washer and dryer, there are few feelings in the world as great as hand washing your clothes and hanging them to dry (which I have not been able to do in quite a while). Or the feeling of airing your home and the wonderful smell afterwards!

I came across a GREAT book online (which if the link is no longer viable when you read this PLEASE email me and let me know). The Christian Mother is an open and honest book about being a mom. Even though written in 1833, its truths still apply today. I will warn you this is a VERY straightforward book and many people will not like the straightforwardness of it. But I encourage you to read it with an open mind and open heart to see if there is any "gold" in there for you. It is free to read online, so there in no cost to check it out.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Sweethearts: The Gift Tree

The Gift Tree
by Michael Webb

How many times have you heard a woman say "it's the little things that are important"? This following idea capitalizes on the concept that it is often better to give 5 gifts valued at $10 each than to give one gift valued at $200. I like to call this idea the gift tree.

First you need to go to a stationary, party supply or gift store and purchase several empty gift boxes in different sizes that can be stacked upon each other. The largest, of course, is at the bottom and the boxes get smaller as you stack them. It is best to stick with the same shaped boxes whether they're round, square, oblong, or rectangular. The real trick now is to find something small yet meaningful to put in each of the boxes.

Perhaps your sweetheart is a chocoholic? Different types of chocolate bars, truffles or candies could be placed in each box. Maybe he or she is a sports nut? Fill the boxes with basketball tickets, a cap with their favorite team on it, a packet of trading cards, a baseball and other paraphernalia. You could do the same for someone with interests in traveling, music, computers, fashion, or even dinosaurs.

Buy a large ribbon and wrap it under the base and tie it into a bow at the top of the stack. You could get really creative and wrap some twinkle lights around the "tree". Whether you allow the "giftee" to open all of the boxes at once or make them wait minutes, hours or days between the boxes is your call.

My notes: You could prolly get the boxes cheaper at the dollar store or if it comes down to it, Hobby Lobby or even Ross or Marshall's. Share what YOU would put in your boxes!!!

Remember, THESE ARE IDEAS FOR YOU (not your husband). YOU are to romance your husband! I was inspired to do these Saturday Sweethearts based on a book called Romancing Your Husband by Debra White Smith. PLEASE get a hold of this book and read it. It is a really good book and will really change your life. :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

It's Important

This kinda ties in my never too young post from yesterday. A child is never too young to learn about 911.

This link has the 911 call (from a 4 year old boy) as well as the link to buy the book (as well as more info, like what happened to the mother). I highly suggest you go and listen and then get this book for your children. (HT: MommyLife)

Also, living in CO, EVERYONE here knows about how listening to The Safety Hop CD put out by the Colorado Springs Fire Department, a child learned to call 911 and save his mothers life. It made national news. These are songs Mom and Dad will sing along with as they remind you of the sock hop. :) My kids LOVE this CD. If you can get a copy of it, I HIGHLY suggest you do. Unfortunately they are no longer distributed by the CSFD, so you will have to look in Goodwills and also online. I was one in the Goodwill Outlet the other day. I was SHOCKED anyone would be getting rid of it, but maybe their kids have outgrown it. I was also able to send a copy to my SIL (in another state), so check where you live. :)

Best Kitchen Organizing Idea EVER!

OK, sometimes an idea is so simple, we kick ourselves for not thinking of it first. If only I had thought to do this myself! (You have to check out the link below.)

Baking Caddy

I have started using baskets much more in my kitchen, but never thought about that before!

It all started with not being able to know what teas I have available because I can never see them all. I have boxes and boxes to move and search through. Now, I have put them in a basket that I bring down. Rather than searching through all of the cabinet, I can just bring the box down and SEE everything at once. This is especially nice since I can put the basket of teas on the TOP shelf, and not have to see what is there.

SO I am quickly reorganizing my kitchen so that all my top shelves are full of baskets full of stuff. It is so much easier to have a labeled basket on a top shelf than trying to dig my way through (or worse, NOT USING) that top shelf space. I know what is in my labeled baskets, and just bring down the appropriate basket when time. I take what I need and put the basket back. SO nice, SO easy and SO SIMPLE!!!

I too have all my baking supplies in one area - under the kitchen island. That is everything but the ingredients!. After reading about the caddy, I am going to move the ingredients down there as well (giving me more pantry space). That way ALL baking supplies and ingredients will be in one place. SO NICE!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Praising God in The Storm

I will praise You and love You Lord. Even in the storm.

I just got a phone call that my sister has been rushed to the hospital because her appendix was about to burst (at least according to the tests they had done earlier today). Please pray for her safety.

My dad, his test for Alzheimer's came back normal, but I know my dad. WE ALL know my dad. Something is definitely wrong with his memory. My mom worries it might be something worse. I can hear the worry and concern in her voice whenever the subject comes up. And his vision...well the doctors still don't know what is going on there. They have never seen anything like this before (leave it to my dad to break ground) so they have brought in another specialist and are watching him closely.

My beloved's work is getting more and more difficult. He really does not like the restructuring they did at work and is not happy. He is such a creative man, and they have put him in a position where he is basically a code monkey (not allowed to use any creativity, just do what we say, get it done in the impossible time line we give you, yadda yadda yadda).

We definitely appreciate your prayers at this time.

Never Too Young

I heard a persona I highly admire say that when it comes to child training, there is no such phrase as "too young" in their house. The children are all doing things WITH the parents. The child wants to sew while Momma is sewing, give them some fabric and scissors and have them cut out something and you can sew it (or if they can handle a needle, have them sew it).

Side note: I will have to post my daughter's first handmade dress for her doll. She made it all by herself with no pattern. And sewed it by hand. I am so proud of her. Is this an actual dress, no. It has the fabric folded over and sewn so there are holes on it. But do I tell her it is not a real dress?? Think back to the Velveteen rabbit....You are going to be able to sew your SELF a beautiful dress someday if you keep practicing and making dresses for your dolls sweetie!

He said even when it came to something like frying fish, even though the child truly is too young, you don't tell the child you're "too young" to do it, but tell him his help could be used stirring the hush puppy batter instead.

I think there is a lot of wisdom in that. I read somewhere that when referring to children, we should never use terms that are not in the Bible. For example, the word teenager is not in the Bible. Neither is toddler. Using those terms allow the child to excuse their behavior. If you call a child a child and a young adult a young adult, they will live up to what is expected of them. So too, I think, telling a child he is too young hinders him from accomplishing all that he are capable of.

For example, most would think that six months old is too young for a child to start learning and understanding sign language. And yet ALL of my children have been taught sign language from an early age and not only understand it, but USE IT appropriately.

Stepping up on soapbox - I think EVERY PARENT in the hospital after that baby is born should be given a pamphlet about why and how to teach your baby sign language. You only need teach them a few signs. A child can understand communication before they are able to actually worm words with their mouth. My children have all been able to communicate with sign before being able to speak. And it has saved SO MANY temper tantrums. They can ask for more food, to be picked up, to be given medicine because their teeth hurt. I cannot tell you how many screaming fits we have avoided because our child was able to communicate what they wanted/needed through sign language. And the best part, the older children can understand what the baby wants and so tell Momma, who might have her back turned to baby at the moment. - Stepping off soapbox.

My children have been cleaning up their toys since they could take them out. If they can take it out, they can put it back. They sweep the floor, put away the dishes, set and clear the table. I could go on and on.

The longer you wait before teaching a child how to be responsible for their share of the household work, the longer they get used to be waited on, and the more resentment they will have towards you when you finally start requiring them to do chores because they are now "old enough."

Now don't think I am a slave driver over here. It's not like I sit back with my feet up, having my children bring me lemonade while they cook and clean the house for me. We do this TOGETHER. Togetherness is the key. And the less STUFF you have, the less time you have to spend cleaning it, and the more time you have to do other things together (play, sew, hobby, etc.).

All this to say, don't under estimate your child (don't hold too high of expectations either, but that is another post for another day). And don't wait until that "magical age" when you think they are no longer "too young" before giving them projects (like chores, or sewing a dress for their doll) which will encourage and strengthen them and make BOTH of you happy! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Little bits of life that can save you money and make you happy

Re-arranging your furniture every so often will save you money!!!

Now how on earth will moving some furniture around save you money? Well, I am always thinking that I need something new (like a lamp or a book shelf or something similar), and yet, whenever I rearrange my furniture, I find I don't need something NEW, I just needed a NEW LOOK. So whenever I get tired of the couch, I just move it around. Or when I get tired of the way the bedroom looks, I move things around and WALAH! I am happy! And content. :)

Now my poor beloved, it takes him a while to get used to the new feel. But he is happy because I am happy and his is happy because I am not spending money! :D And I think he is used to his "crazy" wife by now. (Oh how I love my man!!!)

And something else that has taken me a LONG time to learn, but that not only makes me happy and content but also saves us money, is to find ways to use things I already have. For example, I love to collect fabric (for all that sewing I will ONE DAY do). And yet, I make the excuse that the reason I don't sew is because I don't know what I have. And a big part of that is true.

So I was downstairs and noticed that since we are deculttering the children's toys (they have so many toys that they spend 3/4 their time CLEANING them instead of playing with and enjoying them), that there is one of their shelves that is no longer being used. AND that shelf will fit PERFECTLY in the sewing closet (ok, it is the guest closet that is one long narrow hallway, but since no guest needs that much closet space I am making it my sewing closet). So instead of looking out to buy something OR waiting for my husband to have the day to MAKE me one, I will be putting that in there this week! YIPPEE!!! I can see my fabric and start sewing and teaching the girls to sew!

And they have a ton of craft supplies (graciously given to us by their Aunt and Uncle) that sadly they have not been able to get to. UNTIL NOW!! I organized them in the drawers of an unused desk that was just SITTING down there (for the one day they will have a computer for computer work). SO now I am going to put all the craft books on top (like a book shelf) and we can pick crafts to do out of the books and then get all the supplies at once!! (Now crafts supplies - THERE is a GREAT Christmas gift! They can be used and enjoyed for MONTHS on end AND gifts can be made to give to other family members - DOUBLE BONUS!)

And I have all of baby JJ's clothes in boxes still. Even the ones that were given us instead of being donated to Goodwill are in boxes. I have had my eye out for a dresser for a while. And all the while, his clothes are taking up space in my bedroom (which is supposed to be a haven for my beloved (especially now with work being so rough). SO, we have two dressers down in the basement. I asked my beloved if we could put one in baby JJ's room for now. While it is a bit girly (this was MY dresser when I was a child), it is a GREAT temporary solution until my beloved can make him one or we find one at Goodwill or garage sailing (be still my heart it is garage sale season!!).

And you know what? Instead of being all upset by what I *think* I need, I am content in knowing that I really do have all I need. It has taken me several years of marriage (and a poorly maintained house - ie. piles of clutter here and piles of clutter there) to realize this. If I take the time to pray and look around at ALL that we have been blessed with, I can truly see we have all we really need. Now if only I can get rid of all this CLUTTER so I have the time and resources to make it work. :) But I am encouraged today with my new findings and discovery. And hope that someone will be encouraged by this too.

New Site - Homeschool Videos

Well, it has been around since April of this year, and it seems that outside links are not working yet (or is it just me?? when I clicked on the parents warning, to sign up for the newsletter, and to see the archives, none of the links worked).

Great Homeschool Videos

I am assuming the warning is because the videos can be quite educational and might be more appropriate for older ages (like one of the videos shows embalming, something you might not want your 5 year old to see, but might be perfect for your 14 year old during your unit study on Egypt).

And the videos are not just homeschooling, but educational as well. And also they have one that is a cute Lego parable about the Kingdom of Heaven. I was really hoping they had the Funny Moms videos on there, but they don't. :(

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Standard

We've all been there. Opened our mouth and our mother came out! YIPES! I swore I would NEVER say that to my kids! I swore I would NEVER do that! So why is it that we cannot escape this?

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE MY MOM! She is a wonderful woman and I am so thankful to God for placing her in my life because I have learned so much from her. But just like everyone (myself included), she had/has her faults. Faults I swore I would never follow with my own children.

And in doing so, my mother becomes the standard by which I raise my kids. I cannot serve two masters. And thus, I have this love/hate relationship with her, my children and my God. Which makes me irritable because I know better, and I falter and I fail my children and I blame my mother instead of myself. It's always easier to blame others than accept responsibility.

God's Word should be the ONLY standard by which I raise my children. If my focus is on HIM (not the negative traits I don't want to follow), then I will be able to raise my children up in the way THEY should go.

I am thankful that they are so forgiving. Whenever I fail them, I admit my sin...and ask their forgiveness. Some may see that as weakness. Yet in my weakness, He is made strong! My purpose in life is not to just raise my kids to survive in the world. Not just to raise them with the head-knowledge of God. But to raise up children who will LOVE and KNOW and serve the Lord all their days with all their mind, strength, body and soul. I am training them up to know that God's Word is the ONLY standard by which we should live. And thus, it should be the only standard when raising my children.

Writting Books

My daughter LOVES to write books. I have been looking for a way to make books for her, and have shared some before (check out the homeschooling link on the left hand sidebar).

But when I came across this today, I just HAD to share! Change a journal/notebook into a BEAUTIFUL notebook! This is something even AA can do. Even though it is not as cheap as some of the other methods I have mentioned, it is a beautiful way to create a journal or book for your children to write in.

Something else my daughter did, which I am not sure if I mentioned before or not, is photo albums. You know the small ones that hold 100 4x6 pictures, one one each page? Well my daughter, without me telling her too or even thinking about what a great idea this is, created a page of a story for EACH picture holder in the book! This is a GREAT way to create a story because you can add it it or change out the story in a few days.