Thursday, January 18, 2007

Would YOU be allowed to live?

I find it VERY interesting that in the book of Job, God allowed Satan basically to do anything (except kill him) to Job and take everything away from him. Satan took all Job's possessions away, his children away, his servants away, his livestock away, most EVERYTHING away, but he left one thing that I find very interesting. He took EVERYTHING from Job EXCEPT his ...


Now why on earth would Satan take away everything that was precious to Job and leave his wife not only alive, but not harmed in any way? Look at how Job's wife behaves! It is almost like she is working for Satan. She is doing nothing to encourage her husband. She is putting him down. She is nagging him. She is trying to get him to curse God and die.

I wonder if Satan were allowed free reign on my husband if he would let me live?

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TrainingHearts said...

Wow...that was a really interesting question to ponder :) I am in Job in my Bible reading also and so this was a really neat insight.