Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wise Choice of a Mate

I just read a WONDERFUL article called Wise Choice of a Mate that I will be putting in my Daughters Of Virtue notebook.

I am not sure how many of you pray for the spouse of your daughters. I began praying the day they were born as God is raising up my little girl right now, He is also raising up that man too. So I pray for him. I pray that God will raise up a God man for each of my girls. That he will know and love God and serve Him all his days. That he will be a godly leader for my daughter and the family they start together. And now my older girls can actually be heard praying the same prayer "Lord bless me with a godly man for a husband."

And while there are those of us with moms who wished a child just like you on you when you grew up, I have actually taken the OPPOSITE approach. Firstly, I think that any mom who does that is just setting their child up for failure. What child wants to know that they have been such a terror to their parents that their parents wish terror on them as payback when they grow older? Secondly, I don't want my children to make the same mistakes as me. I openly and quickly (or at least I try to be quick about it) apologize to my children when I mess up.

So I have begun praying that my girls will be good wives and mothers and that God will bless them with children who will know Him and love Him and serve Him. After all, I pray that for my children now. I want my children to have children who are well behaved and obedient. I want my children to have children who know and love God. I know that comes through Godly examples in the parent, but I also know that God can answer our prayers, no matter when we pray them. :)

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devildogwife said...

I think this is very wise of any parent to pray for a Godly spouse for their child. It's also wise to pray that your child's heart will be open to God's leading in that area. In addition, to pray that you will be open to God's leading in your child's life. So much heartache can be avoided when everyone is following the Lord's leading.