Friday, January 12, 2007

What Does Thunder Look Like To You?


Seriously though, I do love how my children AMAZE me!

Today MM(3yo) had paper and crayons and was coloring in the resturant before our meal came. She looked at me and showed me the paper. "This is thunder Mommy!" WOW! Ok sweetie. It was a BEAUTIFUL scribble of colors. "What does singing look like MM?" She took the crayon and lightly and joyfully made a few swirls. "What does a whisper look like?" She slowly drew a straight line. "What does loud look like?" She drew very harsh and quickly and hard zigzagging back and forth. "What does love look like sweetie?" She drew soft and gentle swirls.

Another mark for the no TV side.

to watch TV 2
NOT to watch TV - a gazillion! :D

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