Monday, August 23, 2010

bits & pieces: august 23, 2010

20 Things to do This Summer
GREAT list of fun activities. One which we just picked up - geocaching!! :D

Be Out There
I learned about this site via Simple Modern Mom and had to share it. Some GREAT ideas!

A Challenge That Will Make You...
LAUGH! And I did when I read this. Why? Because I was JUST talking to a Created book study group I am a part of about the importance of laughing with your spouse. :D My favorite times are in bed with my husband after the lights are out and the kids are sleeping and we are both delirious from lack of sleep and EVERY THING seems so funny. We laugh and laugh literally for hours. It is GREAT! Like super glue that bonds us together. :D

Gardens at Dusk Tank Tutorial
This is so beautiful and elegant!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

odds & ends: geocaching

We have discovered the WONDERFUL world of geocaching!

This is a GREAT way to get out of the house and hike without the kids (or even yourself) thinking of it as exercise.

Instead, it is a treasure hunt!

It has been a GREAT way to get out and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL creation God has entrusted us to.

In fact, through geocaching, I have come across sites I never would have known was there or seen before - I was missing out. Truly BEAUTIFUL and scenic views!

And it is a great time to get to spend time with the kids. Yes, we spend time together all the time because of homeschooling, but the kids get to show a bit more of their personality when geocaching: what they decide to take and leave, how they help each other during slippery rocks on the trail, etc.

And as you can see by the picture above, no one is too young! JJ is 4yr old in that picture. He took the spaceship (you can see it in the picture with the cache - there was a jumprope and lots of other fun little toys/trinkets for kids) and left some gold doubloons (it was a pirate themed cache).

Here is a great little link I came across talking about great and inexpensive "swag" ideas - ideas to trade in the caches.