Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Doesn't wearing only skirts/dresses make you look frumpy?

On one of the lists I am on, a lady asked about how you can wear skirts/dresses without looking frumpy. I thought others might have the same concern, so I am addressing it here because I thought it would make a good blog entry. :)

Since I went from wearing shorts and jeans to wearing skirts/dresses, I have noticed several benefits! (Now don't get me wrong, I still wear jeans every once in a while, and I have nothing against women who wear pants.)

Firstly, I am reminded that I am a woman. Now there are some out there that can wear shorts and jeans and still feel like a woman, but for me (and many others) wearing skirts/dresses reminds me that I am feminine. I act more feminine as well as speak more femininely. :) Not to mention I am so much more COMFORTABLE in a dress/skirt than I am in jeans. I just don't like showing off my "trunk." LOL!! Too much JUNK in there! LOL!!!

Secondly, I am treated by OTHERS like a lady. Especially men. In today's society where it is hard to distinguish between men and women (and sadly many women in the feminist movement fought and STILL fight for this equality), a woman who distinguishes herself as a woman simply by the way that she dresses stands out. And it doesn't have to be the negative, tightly clingy, immodest clothes. And it doesn't have to be frumpy.

You can look VERY nice!

Don't go out looking frumpy! Make sure your clothes are ironed (if you don't have time to or don't want to iron, make sure to take your clothes out a little damp and hang them up to dry the rest of the way - you will be amazed at the difference!!). Make sure your hair is brushed and maybe even curled a bit (this takes no time at all to roll your hair at night so it is curly in the morning).

Dress it up a little if you wish. And even just a little lip stick (I don't wear make-up but I LOVE Burt's Bees Colored Lip Gloss). Sometimes I will throw on a pretty necklace too.

I personally don't believe there is anything wrong with fixing your hair up a little or wearing a bit of jewelry or even a little make up in order to make yourself look a little nicer. You are a representative of Christ and your body is His temple. If you take the time to take care of it (fixing and eating healthy foods, regular bathing, etc.), then you can take a little time to make it look nice too. After all, don't we take time to make our homes look good (flowers in vases, tablecloths on the tables, doilies here and there, etc.)? :) As long as you are not doing it to draw attention to yourself or for gain, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. :)

Now we get into some things I have learned on the Style Network (during the one month of free cable we had while after we moved into our new house and we had to call everyday and tell them we still have cable despite the fact that you say it was disconnected).

DON'T wear oversized clothing to "hide" your weight. That will ALWAYS make you look frumpy! Wear clothing that fits on your nicely (not tight --- we don't want to show our weight either LOL!!!).

Don't wear sweat shirts. Wear nice sweaters. Don't wear t-shirts, wear shirts with collars or texture or with a nice neckline (doesn't have to be immodest)! To the right are some of my shirts. I cannot wear very many button up shirts (you nursing mommas know how that is). And you can always buy a sleeveless shirt or cami (as the black one here) and wear a button up shirt over it for a different look. I also rarely wear shirts that need to be tucked in (I always seem to look nicer when I don't have to tuck - especially when wearing a skirt).

It is AMAZING what a little difference in what you are wearing will make on how you look in it! I always look frumpy in a t-shirt, but give me a shirt with color and a collar (that purple one above is the one I always wear when I want to feel extra pretty for my man) and I look (and FEEL) like GOLD!

It is all how you feel about YOURSELF! You look how you feel. Honestly!

SMILE it increases your face value. SERIOUSLY!

Have you read Created To Be His Helpmeet? There was a woman who worked at a store and she was what Mrs. Pearl would consider fumpy. But this woman always had men all around her! Why? Because she was always smiling and laughing. Then one day her husband (Mr. Pearl who had always liked being around the smiling "frumpy" woman) saw this ugly woman yelling at her children. Mr. Pearl kept saying that the woman looked familiar, but he could not place her. Mrs. Pearl said that was the "frumpy" woman from the store. Mr. Pearl could not believe it was the same woman!

I hope that this has been an encouragement to you!!

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devildogwife said...

It's funny that you mentioned the smile. My husband always says that even though the house may not always be perfect and neither my daughter or I always look perfect, he is always happy to come home to our smiling faces. It makes his difficult/horrible day just melt away when he sees our smiling faces.