Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Little Homemakers

Oh, sometimes I forget how exciting it is to pick weeds and decorate the table with them. Or to take Momma's favorite sheet and decorate the table.

My girls have a homemaking spirit inside them and I don't want to quench it. It is so easy (now that I am a grown-up) to see weeds instead of beautiful yellow flowers and to see stains on my sheets instead of a beautifully decorated table.

I need to make some cheap-o table clothes for the girls to decorate the table with. And I need to plant some REAL flowers and teach them how to grow and pick and arrange flowers.

Right now, A (6yr) has pulled some flowers off the bushes (pink ones off one bush and yellow ones off another bush, at least they do complement each other) and put them in one of her plastic drinking cups for our company (the painter has come to give us an estimate on painting the basement). It amazes me how (now that I am a grown up and all), I see the painter as a worker instead of as company. I always offer workers drinks, but never have I decorated with flowers for them.

Oh, I pray that I will see the world through my children's eyes. To see weeds as flowers, sheets as beautiful tablecloths and workers as guests worthy of flowers.

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