Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday's Fun: Vintage Games - One Syllable

First, an update on How, Why, When and Where:
This was fun to play with just my husband and myself. We included the children in it and both EE (5yo) and AA (7yo) REALLY enjoyed it. It took a little bit for them to learn it. But once they did, they came up with some REALLY good ones! And DIFFICULT too!! MM (3yo) was a bit too small to really play. She went off on tangents like "what color is it?" and it became more of 20 questions with her. But still fun nonetheless!! :) We played this throughout the week. Waiting for dinner to finish, driving in the car, etc.

Today's game is called One Syllable.

Sit in a circle (or course, if this is just played between you and hubby, you don't have to sit in a circle LOL!!!).

The lady begins by asking a question of the player on her right, to which he must reply in one word of one syllable or incur a forfeit for every extra syllable.

So for example:
Lady: May I ask if you love music?
Player 2: Yes. (now to the player on his right) May I ask, what wood do you think makes the best furniture?
Next Player: Oak. Permit me to ask if you prefer soda or water?
Player 4: Water. (Oppps! That is TWO syllables, sneaky, but now player 4 has to pay a forfeit.)

So what is a forfeit?
The player has to preform a task that is something ridiculous or seemingly impossible
(or both). Kinda like a dare. Some fun ones might be:

Spirit of Contrary - whatever the player is told to do, he must just just the opposite.
The Perfect Friend - Go around in the room and tell everyone something you like about them.
Yawner - The player must yawn until he makes someone else yawn.
4 Corners - Laugh in one corner of the room, cry in another, sing in another and dance in another.

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