Thursday, January 11, 2007

Daughters Of Virtue

I have three of them. And while they are all young (6yr, 4yr and 2 1/2yr), I take seriously the commission in Titus 2 about training up my daughters. Not only to be keepers at home, but to love their husbands, obey their husbands, love their children, to be discreet, chaste and good.

So I am in the process of collecting web sites that are helpful. Of course, I am printing out each of the articles because as we all know in this day and age of the WWW, here today and gone tomorrow. I have a notebook called "Daughters of Virtue" that I am collecting these articles in. It is kind of like my Home Management Notebook, organized in separate areas according to different areas of my daughter's training.

Here are a few. If you know of others PLEASE share them here. I will be putting a permanent link of the right hand side so you can continue to add as you find great sites/articles that help us moms be good Titus 2 mothers and train up our daughters. It is Training Daughters. There will be other stuff there too.

Books For Daughters Who Will Be Housewives this is a GREAT list! The only two I would add are Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl and Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendleson (check out or amazon to get a copy for a GREAT price).

Daughters At Home did anyone know Lady Lydia had a blog?? a wonderful article, but don't forget to check out the comments!! Lots of good stuff in there as well!

Decluttering the Laundry Room - always a favorite, Mrs. Cat NEVER fails to encourage and motivate! Scan down to the middle of the post for WONDERFUL WONDERFUL tips on training your children (not just daughters) to do laundry (and how to MOTIVATE them to do it)!

Oh The Things We May Do

For Young Girls: The Importance of Living A Meaningful Life

Maidenhood Spent Content Under My Father's Roof

Being Your Father's Daughter - Especially For The Unmarried

A Merry Future Homemaker

Home Help: The Blessings of Being a Stay-At-Home Daughter

Here is a GREAT link for your daughters (be sure to read the one about wedding dresses and attire). Fashion and Following The Savior

Again, I will be putting a permanent link on the right hand side and encourage you to email me or comment about other pages as you learn of them. I will blog about any sites your email me so that others can learn about it too.

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