Friday, October 30, 2009

Foto Friday - Motion

The challenge was motion. ICK! I did not like ANY of my pictures (although hers came out amazing so be sure to see them!!!). The snow has finally stopped, the wicked wind (and yes, it was WICKED) has finally left, and the sun has come out. So I am going to get some pictures of snow ball fights for motion and see if they come out. So I will post another motion post later today if they come out. :D

But until then, here are my tries. I was thinking of a kid and a lollipop.

Here is my first try:
Motion Lollipop try 1
Somewhat good, but now, Rebecca, can you see what I mean about focusing on the eyes? :D

Second try:
Motion Lollipop try 2
It is OK, but still SOMETHING should be IN FOCUS. The lollipop looks great though! :D

Third try:
Motion Lollipop try 3
Would have been PERFECT if those darn eyes were in focus!

Two more shots of my daughter loom knitting. These were taken just trying to capture motion:

Loom Knitting Needle
REALLY close to coming out good. The loom and hand holding the loom should have been in focus that would have been the perfect shot.

Loom Knitting Up And Over
Better. The yarn is in focus! :D YEA! The hand is almost in focus.

-=-=-=-=-=-=back with snow shots-=-=-=-=-=-

OK here is my first try. I had MM throw snow up in the air and took the shot.
I love how it came out, but it would be better if the snow flakes had some motion blur to them.

Here is my second try. I had JJ throw snow up in the air.
He is not in focus but the background is. LOL!! Got some lblur on the flakes and him (he was moving). Getting better.

My third attempt.
I have to admit that THIS is my favorite. Although I do wish SHE were in better focus. She was knocking snow off the tree.

Here is another one of her knocking snow off the tree.
What parts of her that are not moving are in focus. :D

Here us another attempt. MM was walking and she fell.
I have no idea how she is in focus in the middle of a fall but the snow she kicked up isn't. LOL!! But I loved her smile, even though she fell.

And my final attempt, MM throwing snow.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. She looks great. Her beautiful smile. She is in focus. The snow thrown is not. I have no idea how it happened, but I am so thankful it did.

I honestly do not know what I am doing. LOL!! I took a lot of pictures and played around a lot with shutter speed and aperture. I have a book that I will be reading on this subject.

As always, your comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Current Web Readings

Tutorial on Doily Bun Cover
Ok, if these do not bring up images of Laura Ingalls on the Prairie, I do not know WHAT will. I ADORE these! I need to find some old doilies at the thrift store so I can make each of the girls one for Christmas!!!

Handcrafted Christmas: Homemade Soap"
I just LOVE Monica's Handcrafted Christmas posts!! YEA!!! :D

Online Pilgrim Coloring Book
Print out pages to color this month as you discuss the Pilgrims

White Lie Designs
BEAUTIFUL romantic knit designs

Girl's Simple Openwork Shrug
I am going to have to make these for the girls for Easter. Now to just figure out how to sew Easter dresses and I will be al set!! :D Oh wait. I need headbands too. OH HOW CUTE!!

Notebook - easy to make, easy to use
This is SO CUTE!! I want to make one for myself!

Little Portrait Book
SOOOOO loving this BLOG!!! These would make awesome Christmas gifts for grandparents or Aunt's. :) I would love to make several of these. Now I just need to find TIME!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Impossible Possible with your help

Here is the deal. I am really sick. Like lose your breath standing up, coughing so much your throat feels like cut glass sick. But lying in bed, something came to me.

You see I am going to NY on Nov 21 for 4 days for a memorial service and to visit my grandmother (if she is still alive by then). (BTW - your prayers for Brian during that time are greatly appreciated as he will have the house and the four kids to himself.)

Anyways, my grandmother always LOVED sitting at her house watching the birds. I never understood why until we started hanging out a bird feeder. She was the best at attracting the most beautifully colored birds (she would tell me about them on the phone as we talked).

She has Alzheimer's now. She has regressed so far that she never really speaks English anymore, only Polish (she immigrated here LONG time ago). She is in a nursing home.

When I go up, my uncle (who is her main caretaker now) plans to take me to see her. I know she won't remember me. I am prepared for that. I got to see my great-grandfather in his last stages of Alzheimer's so I am prepared. But I would love to leave her with a lap blanket that has birds on it.

The only problem is finding the perfect fabric.

I am not wanting fake birds or cartoon birds. But am thinking something like Victorian with a cream or yellowed background with birds (maybe some blue and red and brown and white) on it. It doesn't really matter as long as it is something that will remind her of sitting at her window watching the birds.

So will you help me? Will you help me find the perfect fabric?

Just leave a comment (as many as you want) and share links of fabrics that you think will work. I am thinking of an all cotton as it will be softer and more natural on her. Then I will quilt it (just top stitching it to the cotton filing and a flannel background (cotton flannel for a backing would be nice, suggest those too).

Thank you for any help!! I am bummed I did not think of this sooner, but that is what being sick and stuck in bed will do for you. You have nothing to do but sit and think. LOL!!

Thank you, Paula

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More on Reformation Day Celebreations

From a blog I enjoy reading...
Reformation Day Celebration

A Doorposts has a whole Reformation Night binder with studies and ideas for having a celebration with your homeschool or church group!! :D

Church House
LOTS of stuff here! WOW!!

And last but not least, while not Reformation Day specific, there is a post with a Perspective on Halloween by randy Alcorn (if you have not read any of his books, you are missing out). Done very much in a Screwtape letters type of way, this is an interesting read.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little House Links

Thankful to The Old Schoolhouse for these links. I put them here so I can look them up later.

Little House Links




Unit Study

Monday, October 19, 2009

Freebie At CurrClick - Bite Sized Physics: Force

This is normally a $15 value, free for the week!! BE sure to sign up (free) for their newsletters which remind you of the free weekly freebies (not to mention it will sometimes include links to "hidden" freebies!!!

Normally I do not share those here since I am sure everyone gets them already BUT this one was good!!

Bite Sized Physics: Force

Current Web Readings

Girlss Simple Openwork Shrug
This ADORABLE pattern would be GREAT to make to go over Easter Dresses! Now I just need the courage to learn to make Easter dresses. :)

How Doing Something Good Can Keep You From Helping Your Children
A REALLY good read.

A Homemade Christmas
This blog is BEAUTIFUL!! And these projects are BEAUTIFUL!! Everything here is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Japanese Sign For Organic
For those who are shopping at Asian stores and want to know.

HappyBird's Crafting Haven
LOTS of cute ideas here!! WOW!!

Ever Wonder Why Did Indigenous People Had Straight Teeth?
REALLY good read - just a TASTE of what is out there.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Foto Friday - Self Portrait

This was hard for me. As you can see, I have taken self portraits of myself before. But since my hair cut (I am still recovering) and the fact that I cannot take pictures of my eyes in FOCUS.... well it took some prompting from a good friend to get some more self-portatis done.

Here are two of my eyes. Since that is the area I have the most difficulty taking pictures in FOCUS on, I tried Rebecca's tips. I opened my eyes REALLY WIDE, focused the camera, then made them normal and took the snap shot. These pictures are a bit cropped, but I promise they are of JUST my eye. :)

I cannot tell which one I like better. Which one do you like and WHY? Help me learn to be better!



Of course ME?? I like the first one better because it does not show the DARK circles under my eyes. LOL!! :D I did not do any photo touch up (to make me look better), but I did work on the shadows to help the colors pop. I LOVE that I was able to capture the sky in my eyes!! WAY COOL!!!

I really like this next one. Not NEARLY as good as some of yours I have seen, but still a nice one. You can REALLY see my grey hairs in this one. Oh I am STILL recovering from a BAD hair cut!

Me in thought

I thought it would be fun to do a triptic (sp?) with self portrait pictures to say "i love you." So for fun:
I love you - body

You can of course click on it to see it bigger.

And as I was outside taking pictures of myself, my husband was inside behind the glass door dancing. So of course I had to dance along!! :D I HATE my hair in these pictures, but did this in memory of the adoration and joy I have for my husband. Please forgive the AWFUL hair! I was being au natural just being myself with my wonderful husband.

Dancing with my baby

You can click on that one to make it bigger too, but why?!?! LOL!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Foto Friday - Water

My sweet friend Rebecca has started a
My Linky with PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS! It is called Fun Foto Friday (OK, so I threw the word Fun in there, but it IS honestly FUN!)

She challenges you with a subject, then gives you one week to take pictures. This past Friday, I missed getting mine up (sorry Rebecca), but am posting it anyways (just for her).

The subject was water. And when I woke up and took the trash out, there was water over EVERYTHING! I had never seen such thick dew! I covered the trees and was dripping. It sounded just like rain drops! Thick thick THICK I tell ya!

And OH SO BEAUTIFUL!! I could not HELP but take pictures! So here are my pictures of natural water (comment away Rebecca and help me be better!). I already used her tip for making the colors pop (did I do a good job?), so I hope you like 'em!!! :D




Reformation Lapbook

Reformation Day Lapbook
One person's lapbook example.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Men and Their Gloves

So the men in the house now have their gloves - and they match!!!

Here are Brian's: They are the pattern FREE DIGITS from CrochetDude.
It is not a free pattern, but I checked out the book from the library.

Here are JJ's: they are a free pattern called Rowan's Wristies.
I found them on Ravelry!
Gimme Pownd

What is cool is 1) that they MATCH! 2)One skein (paid $3) made BOTH sets of fingerless gloves! 3) Brian actually LIKES his and wears them all the time! He is able to type in them very easily 4) JJ loves his and the fact that they match Daddy's.

Of course the first thing Brian had to make sure of was that he could play his video games in them! LOL!! Today he is wearing them for work. I am so happy!!! Now to just figure out this pattern for mine.....

Monday, October 12, 2009


Originally uploaded by Fem Manuals!
Look how fun and cute and creative this is! Man, makes me wish I had the creativity to do something like this!

Chris Klicka Dies

Chris Klicka at CaringBridge

Words cannot express my sadness at his loss and the joy of him now dancing at the feet of Jesus.

Current Web Readings

You have to have a FB account to view this video, but it is really good.

Storybook Woods
I think I have shared this blog here before. It is wonderful! So with Autumn FINALLY here, this blog is sure to have some great posts and beautiful pictures!

Change Your Facebook Privacy Settings to KEEP PRIVATE

Great idea for organizing!
Clever Ideas to Declutter

The Best Camera iPhone app
This is TOTALLY AWESOME!! I read about it first on Scott Kelby's blog (yeah, I know I am no professional photographer, but still like to learn to be the best I can be). I want me an iPhone SO BAD so I can get me this app!!! :D I am thinking of buying it for my hubby for Christmas! :D

Wraps Per Inch
How to determine the weight of yarn if the label does not say or is missing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arm Warmers and Fingerless Gloves

So with the cold winter coming, I have decided to FINALLY get working and try out fingerless gloves. I must admit that when I first saw them, I thought NOT FOR ME!

But then people kept saying they really work. They help to keep your hands warm and still allow you the freedom to do things (like crochet, read a book, do schoolwork, etc.).

So the first pair I made were EE's. She LOVED them! Yellow is SO her!
Sunshine Fingerless Gloves
Sunshine Arm Warmers

Then I made MM's. I added a shell border so it would be easier to tell which way they go on. Pink and princess through and through!
Princess Fingerless Gloves
Princess Pink Fingerless Gloves

Finally was AA's. Look at those hands! Not a child anymore!!
Confetti Fingerless Gloves
Confetti Fingerless Gloves

The pattern is free and WAY easy and FAST. But you do have to be a Ravelry member (which is free) to get the pattern as it is only available on ravelry.

I am currently working on a pair for Brian and then JJ will get his pair. Both are different patterns than this one. I will work on mine after they are taken care of.

I LOVE seeing how excited my girls are about these fingerless gloves! They keep thanking me for them and telling me how it helps to keep them warm. MM has not taken her off since I gave them to her yesterday morning! :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Using What You Have Meals: Made Up Soup

Originally uploaded by lvg4him
I forgot to take a picture of the soup until after one of my daughters was on her third serving. :D

So I was going to be gone all day and with the cold weather thought of soup! Put some stuff in the crockpot and have nice warm SOUP when we get home.

So using some stuff that had ended up in the back of the freezer ....

Chicken stock
Brown Rice
Black Eyed Peas
A small amount of broccoli

This came out amazing well!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GREAT ideas for Christmas!

Thanks to the Recaliming The Home group I am on on Ravelry, I got some GREAT ideas for Christmas!!

Heart Photo Ornament tutorial included! (great idea for the grandparents!)

Fairy Houses - AA would LOVE this! I plan on giving her the "kit" to make it - I will be collecting bits and pieces here and there for her to make her own!

How To Make Your Own Waldorf Doll - I have ALWAYS loved these but never had the money to buy one (let alone THREE). :D

How fun for you and hubby to make one of these coloring tables or a play table.

OK.... I am TOTALLY loving this idea for a reading corner for the kids.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Current Web Readings

A New Way To Darn Socks
This is AWESOME!!! :D

October is Scrap Busting Month at Sew Mama Sew

Herbal Roots
This is a GREAT Herbal Magazine for children!!! :D LOVE IT! Wish I could afford a subscription!

Historical Paper Doll Sets

Bento Box Lunch Caddy
Remember my Bento Box adoration?? Well one of my FAVORITE crochet sites (Crochet Liberation Front) has a GREAT FREE online magazine (called Crochet Uncut) and this month is has a MOST ADORABLE pattern for Bento Boxes!!! :D WOOHOO!!!

How To Make Scratch Off Lottery tickets
This is AWESOME!! What a great reward for a job well done - you know, where the kids go above and beyond! :D Give 'em a scratch off ticket with some sort of prize: ice cream with mom or dad, a trip to the $1 store, a toothbrush, a book from Goodwill, etc.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Homeschool Art Show - WINNER!

AA With her Picture
Originally uploaded by lvg4him
I am so very very proud of my daughter. She is a winner. Not because she won a ribbon for her entry (which she did), but because she entered in the first place.

We have not ever entered a contest before. For anything. But the photography bug has bitten AA (her father's influence - it has also bitten me) and she loves to take pictures. And when the opportunity arose for her to enter an art show, she could hardly wait.

She had originally picked three pictures to enter. But sadly, we had computer problems and lost all three pictures. THANKFULLY, she had not erased her card containing one of the pictures, the Shaker Village picture she wished to enter was still there.

During our recent vacation to KY, we had the IMMENSE pleasure of visiting the Shaker Village. AA fell in love with the Village.

The picture is taken from inside the church, looking out at the woman (dressed as a Shaker) right before her presentation on the music and worship of the Shakers.

I am so proud of my daughter. When she entered, she said that she hoped to win a ribbon, but even if she didn't, she would be happy. That to me, makes her a true winner.