Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Sweethearts: Romancing Your Husband

I had a yahoo group that I was trying to get up and going where people shared ideas, but there is so much spam on there (and several people are not sharing) so I thought it would be nice to share those ideas HERE!! That way you can also share anonymously! I will be closing down the yahoo group and transferring everything over to this blog, slowly but surely. :)

It all started when I read the book Romancing Your Husband by Debra White Smith.

A basic run down of the book. Mrs. Smith is a Christian and therefore the book does talk about Christianity a little. She talks about how she would always wait for her husband to romance her, when one day she thought why wait?!?! :D She decided that she would make one of her romantic dreams come true. Her husband LOVED it and she loved it and started making a habit of romancing her husband. She shares SEVERAL ideas which are WONDERFUL!! And as a result of her romancing her husband, her husband started romancing her!

I have started romancing my husband and have been LOVING it!!! I got out of the habit, but really need to start it back up again. My romance towards him made him be more romantic towards me. I plan to share different ideas to romance your husband (or strengthen your marriage) EVERY Saturday. :) I hope you enjoy them AND that you share some of your own romantical ideas (yes I LOVE that word!!!).

I will share something I did to romance my husband (in the form that Mrs. Smith uses in her book). (And a side note: my husband left me a nice little note before he left too! A sweet romantic card which talked about all the little things he loved about me).

What I Did: My husband recently went on a business trip. I wrote a letter for most everyday he would be away and snuck them into his suitcase. On the outside of each envelope I wrote "I really love how you ..." The inside talks about a certain things I love about him (i.e. the way he provides for us, the way he loves us, the way he cares for us, the way he protects us, etc.). Each letter focuses on one aspect of what I love about him.

My Reason: I wanted him to know he was loved and missed, even though he was so far away.

The Obstacles I Overcame: trying to think of enough areas I appreciate and love about him. He was gone for two weeks. The first week was easy to think of things (Godly characteristics). The second week was more difficult to think of things. I also had the difficulty of actually sneaking them into his suitcase. He usually always finds the cards I get in there before he gets to his destination.

My Husband's Response: he really loved and aprpeciated all the letters. He was pleasantly surprized when he went to brush his teeth after arriving at the hotel to see so many notes.

What I Wish I Had Done: nothing different. It really was perfect. I think if I was going to do anything different, I would have printed out some sort of coupon (like free massage, kisses all over, etc.) and included a different coupon in each letter (corresponding to what I loved about him). That way he would be thinking about redeeming those coupons when he got home. Also, this can be done even if hubby is home! While he is away at work, hide your notes throughout the house! Let him know how many there are (he will hunt and hunt till he finds every last one).

Budget Suggestions: this was very inexpensive. I used paper we already had and envelopes we already had. I hand wrote every letter (making it more personal than typed out). You could also print out decorative paper from your computer and then handwrite on it.

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