Sunday, January 28, 2007

Momma, Is that REALLY what the Bible says?

I hate having to correct Bible stories from children's books for my children. Most of them omit details - like David chopped off Goliath's head after the stone hit him (I think that is important to know) or that there were more than two of each animal on the ark (some animals were taken in 7 for sacrifice). Some CHANGE the details - like saying Jonah was swallowed by a whale (the Bible says he was swallowed by a FISH) or that there were three wise men (while there were three gifts presented to him we do not KNOW how many there were because the Bible does not say).

This is probably the reason why more and more conservative Christians are reading from the actual Bible at the dining table instead of from Children's books. And while I love that idea, I also like the idea of a children's Bible story book for my children.

So there may be hope!

I just read a review on The Sparrow's Nest for the Egermeier's Bible Story Book. Looks like they don't omit all the details (I agree, I don't need to hear all the bloody gore after David's head was chopped off, but it would be nice to know it happened), and it looks like it is going to keep to the facts! I have not checked this out yet, but based on the review, we will be buying the book! Here's hoping it is as good as I hope! :)

Side Note: TAMMY (who commented on my 6 Weird Things Meme), you do not have public access to your profile, so I was not able to visit your blog to comment. My husband laughed when I read your comment and wanted to know the name of the movie. I told him that just the THOUGHT was scary enough that now I have to find a new way to dispose of my dead bugs! LOL!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. If you leave another comment please include a url for your blog! :)

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Tammy C said...

I don't have a blog but I updated my profile so hopefully this will help.The tv show I was refering to was an episode of Night Gallary.

My children are to old for Bible story books but thanks for the information.