Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valentine Ideas

Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood was asking for ideas about what to do for Valentine's Day. Since I shared there, I thought I would share here too. Saturday Sweethearts a few days early (but don't worry, I still have a post for Saturday Sweethearts on SATURDAY!). :)

Well, this year I was planning on cutting out a bunch of hearts and taping them up on the wall. Each heart has something about my husband that I love about him. I am decorating our bedroom with these hearts. The children's room is being decorated with hearts, each has the child's name on it and what I love about them. Thankfully my children are heavy sleepers so I can do this while they are sleeping and they will wake up to a room full of hearts! You can do this with the dining room too!

Fun games for couples: each couple that comes in has a famous couple taped to their back (Romeo and Juliet; Anthony and Cleopatra; Mary and Joseph; Rachel and Issac; Bonny and Clyde; etc.). Throughout the dinner they ask questions to others about who they might be "Are we a couple from the Bible?" "Are we from a book?" etc. Then they have to guess who they are.

Decorations for the table: HEARTS! Each cut up tiny heart would have a question on the back OR a statement about how much you love so and so. Throughout the dinner, have a person pick a heart and read the statement or question.

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