Monday, January 8, 2007

Don't Just Clean It, Beautify It

A quote from a blog I HIGHLY encourage you to check out:

In judging your own housekeeping, just do as well as you can in your circumstances. There is no use getting by with a swipe and a sweep at the house, unless you have special problems. We can each put our whole heart and soul into what we do. We are generally much happier when we know we have done our best, and put our full talent into something. People who just do what they can get by with, in anything, will never be completely happy or fulfilled.

That is why I say, when you are homemaking, that you should not just clean something, you should beautify it. Your finished job should send a message. It should say "I love my family enough to provide a place for them that is lovely and comfortable."
From Lady Lydia

Oh, I am convicted and encouraged at the same time (isn't that what TRUE conviction does when it is non-judgmental?)!! I encourage you to read the rest of the entry (as well as the rest of her BLOG). Her entries are VERY short, so they can usually be read in about 5 minutes or less. BUT the conviction and edification lasts for weeks!! The title of this entry is my new mantra! I am going to be printing it out on beautiful paper and framing it to hang in a place where I can see it frequently.

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