Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday's Fun: Vintage Games

My husband and I have been trying to kick the TV habit for some time now. It is easy to fall back into, especially with the move and all - just turn on the TV and have an instant baby sitter for your kids. Of course, even with the "wholesome" videos we have, it doesn't take the place of wholesome family togetherness and fun.

We have a book called Victorian Parlor Games by Patrick Beaver. An out of print book with TONS of FUN non-TV activities to do as a family! Of course, having a larger family helps. LOL! But my husband and I have played versions of these games just the two of us.

So I thought it would be fun to learn one game a week to be played on the weekend!

At the end of the post I will post some links to other Victorian Game sites (PLEASE remember that a lot of things from this time period are very superstitious and not Christian in nature - especially the games around Halloween) so READ WITH PRAYER AND CAUTION.

So the game we are going to learn this week is called
How, Why, When and Where

On person thinks of any object. Then the other players try to guess what the object is by asking the following questions:

How do you like it?
Why do you like it?
When do you like it?
Where do you like it?

So for example:

How do you like it? I like it cold.
Why do you like it? I like it because it is tasty.
When do you like it? I like it when it is hot outside.
Where do you like it? I like it in a bowl.

What is it? ICE CREAM of course! :)

Of course, with OLDER children, you can use a word that has several meanings and answer each question for with a different meaning for the word.

For example: male (a man), mail (letters), mail (armor). You like it when it is a good friend (male). You like it because sometimes it brings good news (mail letters). You like it first thing in the morning (mail letters). You like it in a museum (mail armor).

I would LOVE to hear some of yours! Please share!! Think of an object and answer the questions, then leave the answer at the bottom of your comment (so we all have time to guess).

Other links of interest (if you find anything objectionable PLEASE email me RIGHT AWAY):
Of course you can google Victorian Parlor Games :)
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