Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where Am I?

Things have bee wonderful over here! I have been spending a LOT more time with family. It has been so great to have my husband off work this week

We are also getting involved in ONE (yes, you read that correctly only ONE) extracurricular activity - speech and debate. I am VERY excited about this and all three girls are involved at the moment. None of them are yet old enough to compete, but I feel it is VERY important that my children learn to articulate and speak persuasively. Not only that, but I want them to know how to defend their faith as well as be able to see truth and defend it, as well as debunk things that are not truthful.

I have also been busy with my son and his new diet which you can read more about at the preceding link. All I can say is that it is really helping my son AND it is helping ALL of us to feel better! :D

I have also been learning a LOT and listening to a lot of mp3's about homeschooling and my role as teacher and mother. I have been learning a lot and am excited to implement what I have been learning. Anyone know anything about Thomas Jefferson Education? VERY interesting stuff.

And I have been very involved in Facebook. Politics and the state of our nation has become of great interest to me, and sharing the TRUTH (not the media - which is just propaganda pushed through as entertainment). Since those sources of true media are few and far between, and not very well known, I like to share what I can to get the word out there.

I am so very happy and so thankful for all God is doing in my life right now! Feel free to share how you and yours are doing and a link to your blog where we can all catch up! :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Current Web Readings

Make Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit

Donna's Square Foot Gardening
REALLY good set of videos on SFG!

How To Build a Square Foot Garden by frugal dad
I LOVED his irrigation system! I had not seen this before. Truly worth a looksee!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Spite of Me

I was driving to the store today and was thinking about all that my children did today.

They had their faults. MM said she hated her sister (so she served her sister by doing her chores today). JJ yelled and screamed trying to get his way (which he did not). EE and AA both did things today that were disappointing as far as their behavior goes.

But then I thought of all the wonderful things they did today. AA was a GREAT helper. She made lunch for the girls, got JJ a snack, and helped put JJ to bed so I could go out grocery shopping tonight. :D MM changed her attitude and apologized, sincerely and was happy to serve her sister and did her best. JJ, when told he needed to use his words instead of just screaming went and vocalized his frustrations! :D And EE talked to JJ about how God gave Mommy charge over him and she disciplines him because we don't want him to grow up and be a mean, nasty old boy - and he didn't want to be that when he grew up, now did he??

And I just had to cry. God is doing a work in my children in spite of all my faults. And I am so thankful!

And just to show me that He is there for me too, He showed Himself to me. Before I left the house, JJ had asked me to make sure I bought him sunbutter. I wrote it down on my list and left. At the grocery store, I checked my list several times and was certain (it being a short list) that I had everything on it. When I was leaving the store, I was not able to go down the isle I had originally planed because it was blocked, so I had to go down the next isle. Which just so happened to be the isle with sunbutter in it. So I was able to be a woman of my word and bring sunbutter home to my son.

I am so thankful to God for His goodness and faithfulness!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uneducating Creativity

You have to watch this video on how we are educating creativity right out of our children.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Current Web Readings

Battlefield For Our Mind and Heart

The Godly Home
What I am currently listening to.

Months Worth of Probiotics for Price of Cabbage
With JJ's new GAPS diet, we will be making our own sauerkraut. I love how she uses ROCKS in hers! I can't WAIT for her to get a Facebook page!

Watch This
This is a recent episode of the Glenn Beck show on how public schools and colleges are indoctrinating our children. This is a good watch. HT: Israel Wayne

Ressurection Lapbook

Monday, March 8, 2010

Current Web Readings

Modern Parable
These are GREAT short films based on parables in scripture!

Food Safe Options for Kids Lunches
Even though we homeschool, these are great ideas for bringing healthy homemade snacks and meals with us - whether we are driving around doing errands and I need a snack for the kids because I stayed out too late and lost track of time, or we are going on vacation and are unable to stop at restaurants anymore (due to diet and allergies). This post has some great ideas I have not heard of or thought of before.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Current DOINGS

Yeah, I am sorry for anyone who regularly reads my blog just for the Monday Current Web Readings. I have been busy with my son JJ and a new diet we will be implementing. It is so beneficial, ALL of us (well, maybe not my husband, but the rest of us) will be starting it. I am really excited and have been doing a LOT of research on it.

It is called the GAPS diet. It is not a diet like most people think of, as in one to lose weight. But diet as in a way/lifestyle of eating. And this one in particular is to heal your gut.

I won't go into a lot of that here as I will be posting a lot (well EVERY thing really) on my other blog where I am talking about my son and his health and allergies. PLEASE know that this is NOT just a diet for people with food allergies but for EVERY ONE. I encourage you to read more about it, and it you want to keep up with what we are learning and doing, you can on my other blog: One Mother's Journey.

SO again, I am sorry, but there are no real links this week (except there is some good stuff I have been learning at my other blog. For now, here is a fun little video I found (as I am ALWAYS trying to understand this area of my life) about HOW to use a knife: