Thursday, May 28, 2009

phototips kids

This is a card that you can click on and print for your kids to keep in their camera bag to use when teaching them photography. This goes with the lessons here.

Just click on the image and either save as or print. This is to be used for FREE and may NOT be sold.

I Am ... joyful

I look awfully washed out in this photo. But I am feeling REALLY sick right now, so maybe I AM that pastey white. LOL!!!

More often than not you will catch me laughing. I will admit that there are times when I look at circumstances around me instead of on things above, and that makes me cranky and moody and just a horrible person to be around. I sadly take it out on the kids and my husband.

How come it is so EASY to hurt those we love? We put on a totally different face around others. Or we just withdrawal. We use the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" when dealing with others, but with those we are closest to, we feel we have the right to be forward with them and use "honesty" as the guise by which we say mean and hurtful things.

But I am choosing to look at the positive. :D While I do have those bad and nasty times, more often than not, I am smiling, laughing, or making someone else laugh. There is SO MUCH to take JOY in: God's creation, His Son, my husband, my children, my family, my friends ... one cannot HELP but feel blessed and happy.

Why do we chose to focus on the negative? It doesn't glorify God. And it certainly does not make one feel any better.

And not only that, but what kind of example does it set to others when we are to be examples of Christ? "Well if that person is negative and putting themselves down all the time, I don't WANT to be a Christian!" Christ died to set us FREE. Why do we keep ourselves in bondage to negative thoughts rather than taking every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus?

God never said it was easy nor a one time thing. We are to renew our minds DAILY! We are bombarded with media and past teachings/images. DAILY we are to take up our cross. DAILY we are to renew our minds. EVERY thought to be in obedience. FREEDOM.

I know the times I am most happy are the times when I AM focusing on the positive. And isn't focusing on the positive the same as renewing our mind? Taking every thought captive? :D

My beloved was reading a blog that put it like this:

You and your day are on a scale. On one side are all the accomplishments you have done. Everything you have done right. Everything that went right. On the other side is everything you didn't accomplish that you feel guilty about. Everything that went wrong. And everything you messed up on.

At the end of the day, the side which has the most on it will determine how you feel about the day. If you accomplished more and had more things go right, you will feel happy and joyful. However, if you had more things go wrong and had an unproductive day, you will not feel joyful.

I have noticed that when I think back on the days recently where I felt it was a great day, I notice that is true. It wasn't perfect, but I accomplished more on those days than on days where I felt that I was a failure - days where nothing seemed to go right.

So again, I choose to renew my mind. Yes, I am a sinner. Yes, I have my (many many many) faults. But I tend to have more smiles and joy and laughter that weigh my joyful side to be stronger. :) Renewing my mind, taking thoughts captive to obedience to Jesus, not to mention DOING things (there really is something about having idle hands that drains joy!) and I am joyful. It is a mystery to me how to be joyful, how I can be joyful in God. But it is a fruit of the Spirit that we can cultivate. And I am so thankful for the lessons He has taught me. Now I pray for the strength and ability to keep them applied daily! :D

FREE FUN: Toliet Paper Bowling Fun

The best thing about TP from Costco is they are all individually wrapped! Allows you to go indoor bowling and use as many (or as few, but what kid chooses less when they can have MORE?!?!) rolls as you want!!!

The kids had a BLAST bowling (just use any ball) for about an hour! Then they moved onto fort building, and finally just knocking them down after building a wall at the top of the stairs! There is nothing like hearing TONS of giggles and stomping feet as toilet paper falls down the stairs! :D

Don't forget to check out the Flickr Fun For Nothin' Group for more GREAT ideas!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I went into the children's room to tuck them in for the night and read the catechism of the day with them (we just restarted this again, so it is still new). As I opened up the Bible, EE said "Proverbs?"

I knew that she was thinking that I was going to read the Proverbs of the day (you know, where you read the Proverbs that corresponds to the date, Proverbs 21 on the 21st and so on). And I had several thoughts at once:

1) I came in here to read and work on the catechism with you and that is what we are going to do.
2) If I read the Proverbs of the day AND try to do this, it will be too much for you girls and no one will pay attention to the catechism and we will be a day off.
3) If I try to read both, I do not have enough time and will be in here too long and not get JJ down too.

So I skipped the Proverbs of the day, which honestly I have not read to them in a long time (about a month or two).

So I am sitting here in bed listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I love her and her books and her broadcast - so godly. Anyways, she is interviewing Randy Alcorn and his book The Treasure Principle (which by the way as of this writing has 6 copies available on for free on PaperBack Swap - it had seven, but I just ordered my copy). :D

Anyways, he is talking about where your treasure in, there your heart is also. So if you want a more godly life, spend more time giving to God of your time, your money, your possessions, of yourself.

And I was totally convicted. I started thinking about what sort of example am I setting for my children? Am I showing them how important time in God's word is? Am I showing them how to cultivate a personal relationship with them?

The daily reading of the Proverbs is important to my daughter. When I was reading it daily, I noticed she was in the word at lot more herself. She was reading and UNDERLING and CIRCLING meaningful passages in her Bible. She was cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus.

It amazes me how sometimes what seems so little to us in HUGE in the lives of our children. Especially as they are growing in their walk with the Lord.

I AM ... beautiful

I cannot see myself as beautiful. I know, I know. We are all beautiful in God's eyes. But I have faults (oh so many faults), and with beauty being INSIDE, and boy can I be ugly at times on the inside, I have a hard time not seeing flaws when I look at myself. I am overweight (although with God's help I am down to 189 woohoo!). I have grey hair (although, those too are starting to darken with the herbal rinses and molasses tea). I have HUGE pores on my face (ugh) and scars from popping pimples (no one told me not to). And if my milk-makers fall any farther I will have to put shoes on them!

And yet, with all that, my husband sees me as beautiful.

I AM .. beautiful

And so he makes me feel beautiful. Despite all my flaws, inside and out. He knows them all (sometimes better than I know them myself). And he still finds me beautiful. And even more than that, he makes me FEEL beautiful! Crazy man. And I am CRAZY FOR HIM! :D

I worry because of my low self-image that my girls will have low self-images of themselves. If I struggle as seeing myself beautiful in God's eyes, how can I teach them to see themselves through His eyes rather than that of the world? Is there a book for that? I guess an even better question would be what verses can the girls meditate on to help them?

I don't want them to compare themselves to women in the media, or barbie dolls, or the like. And I definitely don't want them to feel they need to find their worth/beauty in a man. But I also want them to be humble. Meek and quiet. Being a parent of girls is NOT an easy thing. So much to impart to them. So little time to do it! And it is to easy to make mistakes. But God must feel that I can do a decent job or He would not have blessed us with THREE of them (so far). :D Lord help me do it right!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Am ... Fun????

With me being a no Mom and all, I can be quite uptight at times. TOO often if you ask me.

And it saddens me. There is no joy like that of seeing your children happy. Of hearing laughter and knowing your children have joy. I don't hear it nearly as often as I would like. I really need to lighten up!!

I think to the Disney version of Pollyanna. I love how Pollyanna approached the pastor, who had was always preaching hellfire and damnation, and shared with him about joy. There are 800 texts that talk about joy, and if the Lord took care to mention it that many times, He must want us to be joyful. "The glad texts" are what her father called them.

Well, I am not quite sure how many times truly the Bible tells us to be glad or joyful, but I do know that it is a lot. And I do know that He WANTS for us to be joyful, and to enjoy Him and His creation.

I Am .... fun?

For the past two days, with me working on being a yes Mom more, and working on being more joyful, I have heard my children laughing more. I see them smiling more. And I have heard them say "Mom, you make things fun." Things I heard on occasion before, are now becoming everyday sayings!

My children notice a difference in me, and it is a good thing. And I am trying. I am trying SO HARD and I fall so short so many times. It is so EASY to lose my patience, and with that goes my joy too.

I am reminded of how when my kids do something wrong, I always remind them that we are all sinners and fall short. It is EASY to do the selfish and sinful thing - we don't have to TRY to. But we do have to try to do the selfless thing and glorify God with our thoughts, words and actions. I apologize to my kids often and it seems I am always asking their forgiveness. I am so thankful they are so quick to forgive (though they do not as easily forget - but that is another subject). :D

And I notice, in working on joy, and being a yes Mom, that I am spending more time WITH my kids. They love spending time with me. And I love spending time with them. I think I sometimes get so caught up in other things, sadly, that I lose time WITH them. Oh how SHORT and precious is that time!!!

I don't like goofiness. I don't think it glorifies God. God never intended for us to be fools. But I do like being fun. Fun hats, fun noses, fun jokes... finding joy in the little mundane things. It brings a family closer. And I love it!

Clowning Around

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Am ... A Helpmeet

My beloved has gotten back in touch with his creative side which means more pictures. :) I am so happy! You see, he is VERY much a Mr. Visionary. I tried for the longest time to make him into a Mr. Steady, and it almost killed him. He literally had no life in him. NO smile. No joy. And I could not figure out why. Until I realized that he was truly a Mr. Visionary - all that artistic and creative talent - I should have known. But we women sometimes like to smush our husbands into a box that we wish them to be in rather than allow them to be molded into the masterpiece God wants to make them.

My husband is VERY creative. And he has several outlets for that creativity: music (he plays the guitar, piano - even writing his own music, as well as playing the clarinet and is now trying to learn violin), computer programming (he can write our basic run of the mill stuff, but he can also write some WHIZ BANG programs when given the time and creative freedom to do so), writing poetry and songs, and of course there is photography.

I AM ... a photographer's assistant

This is me, crouched down behind the scenes with a blow dryer (boy this was a hard self-portrait to capture, I could not SEE myself and kept getting just the blow-dryer), being a supportive wife, a helpmeet to a Mr. Visionary. :) AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! :D :D

You see, I got to help my husband be who he IS rather than what I want him to be. I got to see him smile and laugh and be full of JOY as he got to express his creative side. Sometimes it is hard. I worry that he is spending more time on his creativity than on being with us. But then he does something like including the children in the photo shoot or in helping Daddy with ideas. Or he includes me (like above) in helping him. Or he plays his songs for the kids.

OH THE JOY of helping your husband be who God created him to be!! And the joy... OH THE JOY of a husband whose wife helps him!!! Look at that childish GRIN!!! LOOK AT THAT JOY!!! :D I would not trade that for a Mr. Steady anytime - and I can't believe I ever did.

Current Web Readings

Learning How To Be A Frugal Homemaker
From one of my favorite blogs.

Creation Dice
What a GREAT idea!!

Coconut Milk Jigglers
What a FUN and HEALTHY treat for the kids!

Neonatal Snakes
GREAT pattern for making neonatal snakes. These are supposed to help preemies feel more secure, like they are back in the womb. Has anyone ever tried these? Anyone know if they really work? My half-sister is having her first baby (TRIPLETS), so they are gonna be TINY! Would LOVE to know if these are worth my time. :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I AM ... A compute geek

I minored in Computer Science and was one of the first people in the WORLD to create a web page (back when you could actually surf the ENTIRE web in one day there were so few pages out there). I know more than the average person, but am still so thankful I am married to a computer GENIUS! LOL!! I would be LOST without my husband. :D

I Am ... A Computer Geek

I feel I need to explain. The picture does NOT look very good because it was taken with the built in camera on the computer rather than a real camera. LOL!!!

The computer and internet can be so much fun. But I don't have to tell any of you how dangerous it can be. Not just with predators and such, but in STEALING TIME. It steals me away from my family. And it steals me away from time with God.

I worry about my daughters as they get older. What are they seeing NOW. They want to do everything MOMMA does. And if Momma spends too much time on the computer, then as they grow up with will want to be on the computer more and more.

What am I looking for on the computer that I cannot find right here? I mean, my husband is my BEST FRIEND. I enjoy spending time with him. And I want my children to think of me as someone they enjoy talking to, sharing with, and being together. That can only happen if I make the investment to spend time WITH them (not on the computer). I have more than enough books (good books) that can help me in whatever area I want to grow in (I have books on just about every subject imaginable). And I have the BEST book of all - the Bible - which has directions and guidance way better than anything I could get on the internet.

And for fellowship, I have women friends, whom I enjoy spending time with. And I didn't meet them on the computer. I have two Titus 2 women in my life (who are true blessings in my life).

I think back to a simpler time in life where women gathered TOGETHER, in person, over a cup of homemade lemonade or even tea or coffee. They talked and laughed and worked on handiwork (a quilt or knitting/crochet). How beautiful! I long for that. Maybe I call up some of the ladies around here and see if any are interested in something like that. :) And if nothing else, I can sit on quilts on green grass, with trees all around and work on handiwork with my girls. :D If they would be still enough for long enough. LOL!! :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I AM ... A book lover/collector/reader

I cannot get enough of BOOKS!! My poor husband! Our house is overflowing with books. I just do not have enough bookshelves for all the BOOKS I have (nor do I have the time to READ all the books, but that does not stop me from collecting them). *hint hint honey, PLEASE build me that library bookcase you and I talked about when we first moved into the house hint hint*

I Am ... a book lover/collector/reader

This is the chair I got at a garage sale for only $18 when they were wanting $30. This chair was MADE for me! LOL!! I love to sit in it. And I LOVE to read. I will admit that I really do not like to waste my time on fictional books. I rarely read them anymore. But this one, Stepping Heavenward by Elisabeth Printess, is WONDERFUL! It is the diary of a young girl who just turned 16. And it travels with her through her life, marriage, kids (and that is as far as I have read). It encourages me in my walk with the Lord. THOSE are the kind of fictional books I like to read. Books that make a better person BECAUSE I read them.

And I have NOT found many books that are fictional that have that outcome (if you know of any PLEASE let me know!).

So most of the books I read are non-fiction. How to be a better wife... a better mother .. take better pictures... homeschool the kids.. raise Godly kids... well YOU get the idea. :)

But in all that reading, it does me no good without application. I realized that long ago, but tend to need REMINDERS every now and then. To be DOERS of the word, not just hearers.

George Muller decided early on in his walk with the Lord that he needed to stop reading books about the Bible and JUST read the Bible. There really is everything in there for us. And yet, I find little time to read it. But I can find plenty of time to read a book about the Bible (or specifically about a certain TOPIC within the Bible - like parenting, being a helpmeet, etc.). Is that because the Bible is difficult to understand?

I was listening to a local radio station the other day. He was talking about how he and his now wife used to live apart when they were dating/engaged. And by apart, I mean states apart. So they would write to each other. Every day he would get a letter, he looked forward to getting the letter, and would be standing at the mailbox when the mailman arrived. When we was reading her letters, he didn't need to look up words in the Greek or Hebrew dictionary. He KNEW what she meant. And none of it bored him. He loved hearing about her Aunt and cousin second removed. He loved all the begots. He loved every word of her letter, no matter what she said.

God's word is a love letter to US. To ME. To my children. We should love the begots. We should look forward to reading it with the same anticipation we look forward to reading a love letter from our spouse. We ... **I** need to fall in love with my Savior again. And savor His words ... His love for me. And I need to be a doer of the word and not just a hearer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I AM .. a NO Mom

I think I have blogged about this before, but am unsure.

I am a no mom. Born and raised by a no mom (whose mom was also prolly a no mom).

I Am... A NO Mom

You know the kind of mom, who says no to most anything and everything her kids ask her to do. And WHHHHHHYYYYYY does she say no? Well I cannot speak for other moms, but I know why I say no more often than not. More than likely it is because I am lazy. I don't want to have to clean up a big mess. Or I worry about something being being broken (when honestly, broken things are the BEST to let the kids tinker with and learn from - I know many a friend who has had her broken things start miraculously working after her kids tinkered with it).

So today I worked on being a yes mom. I had to remind myself quite a bit. But I did it. I said YES to more things than I said no to. In fact, I think I only said no twice, and then it was a wait until after Mommy gets back from the doctor thing because I had to leave. :D

And I wish I had taken a picture of the SHOCK on my daughters face when she asked me if *I* could do something and I told her *she* could do it. That brought her SO MUCH JOY!

Imagine all the joy I have robbed my kids of because I have been a no mom for too long. :(

And it is not that difficult to say yes! And it is not that time consuming. Usually they are more than HAPPY to clean up after themselves, especially when they are given the blessing of doing what they asked. The stuff they are asking to do requires so LITTLE of me (as in I do not have to make phone calls and arrangements for things to happen nor do I have to drive them from here to there and everywhere).

And the joy ... did I mention the JOY!! The squeals of delight as MM helped with dinner. When did I stop letting them HELP me so much? The shock on AA's face when I let her plant the seeds for lavender and decide where to place the pot for them to grow. The smiles when I told the girls they COULD open up and play with whatever was in those free bags I got from the homeschool fair. The laughter when they all ran outside to play after Mommy said YES.

I like this being a yes mom. I was a yes mom today. And it felt GOOD! Today (even with the illness and JJ backsliding with his allergies and such) was a GREAT day!

I pray that the Lord will help me to be a yes mom more more often than a no mom. And I pray that my children will become yes moms (and a dad) when they grow up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I AM ... a crocheter

Is that even a word? LOL!! I have been sick the past few days so no 365 pics. And I am not doing Sundays. So on we go!

I AM ... a crocheter

It is PRETTY HARD to take a picture of yourself crocheting. ESPECIALLY WITHOUT a tripod! :D But I thought the picture came out OK.

I taught myself to crochet about a year and half ago and have LOVED it! I had read to teach children crocheting first because it is basically just glorified knots and knitting was more difficult. I am SO GLAD I listened.

I have tried both knitting and crocheting and definitely prefer crochet. I don't know how anyone can knit. Although my oldest, AA, knits and does a pretty good job! (Of course it is just the basic because that is all I know how to do at the moment.)

I feel that crocheting is the only time I am really creative. Of course I am just following a pattern... but I MADE something. Something from just a ball of yarn. Right now I am working on thermal preemie blankets for my half-sister. She is pregnant for the first time and pregnant with triplets none the less! :D I am SOOOO happy for her and her husband! They have been trying for a baby for a LOOOONG time. IF you think about them, please pray for her. Even my girls realize that being pregnant with THREE babies at once can be trying. :D

So I get some creative burst with crocheting. If you do not know how to knit or crochet, I can honestly say that learning to crochet has been one of the BEST things! I can do it in the car (or just about anywhere), and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish something makes me feel really good. :D Try it! There are TONS of FREE videos (you know how I LOVE free!) on you tube which show you how to crochet. Find one that you can understand and relate to and learn from. You will not regret it!! And if for some reason you just can _ not _ get _ it _ then you might try knitting. :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

Current Web Readings

How to Afford Eating Real Food
I could not agree more with this wonderful post! It amazes me how many people say they cannot afford to eat healthy/organic/real food but spend money on things like manicures. :) I usually save money buying organic compared to buying conventional.

I thought I had some good tips for saving at the farmer's market! Here are some GOOD ones that I had not thought of before.

Are Canned Foods Necessary For Emergencies?
I must admit that I hate canned foods. They are so unhealthy for you. And they leach unhealthy chemicals into the food. We are going to do our best to can our own (in glass canned jars, not the metal ones from the store). I liked what this article had to say, as well as the link in it for the freezer stock. :) GREAT stuff!

Learning Hymns
Unless your kids are singing hymns, you have no idea the joy that wells up within your heart when you hear your two year old singing "I'll Fly Away" or "Nothing But The Blood." What I just LOVE about hymns (and something that is missing with most all today's "Christian" music, is that there is a focus on God, not on self. Most songs today focus on self or feeling good. Hymns focus on the Lord and our walking in Him.

Staycation Ideas
LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! Whether you are staying home (or local) for a vacation OR just want some FUN ideas for family nights THIS is THE site!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Green Hour

Flickr has a Green Hour group!

Here is a slideshow of the photos (it updates as photos update). You can also see slideshows of my pictures, the Fun For Nothin' Group, and this Green Hour slide show at the bottom of my blog at all times.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

I AM ... Pretty???

OK, so this morning, while still in my nightgown, I go into the room to check on AA (who is sick) and she says "Oh Momma! You look so beautiful! I have never seen you look so beautiful before, except on your wedding day!" (Which of course my wedding pictures are all that she has seen and I paid a lot of money to look pretty on my wedding day!)

SO I took a picture of what she saw:
I AM ... pretty???

I took a picture of the part of my body I hate the most - my tummy and thighs. I am WAY overweight. Of course even though the camera is supposed to add ten pounds, those modeling classes my momma put me in when I was younger paid off! I know how to stand for pictures to make myself LOOK thinner than I really am! LOL!!!

But I had to think about it. I hate my body. I am constantly feeling fat and ugly. You would think that would be enough motivation for me to lose some weight, but it isn't. I was skinny in high school and still no boys ever asked me out. And when I threw myself at them (not being a Christian at the time and totally believing that in order for me to be truly loved I had to be loved by a man), I was told I was too nice.

Of course in hindsight, I know God was protecting me big time. I am now happily married to a most WONDERFUL man - we were both virgins when we married which is a HUGE blessing to have. And I do not think my life would be where it is now had I dated even one of those guys in high school or college. Brian was my first everything. Boyfriend, kiss, engagement, marriage and lover. And he is my best friend too.

But that is off subject (but what wife does not like to brag on how wonderful her husband is?). I had to think about it. I have this HORRIBLE self image of myself. Yet my children see me differently. They see beauty where others find fault.

When do we lose that? What makes us start focusing on the negative rather than the positive? I can put my girls in a pretty dress and their hair can be a total rat's nest and they think they are beautiful and each other are beautiful. I see a rat's nest and negative looks and comments from others.

...whatever is lovely...think on these things.

So what made me lose the focus on the beautiful and lovely in this world? Was it that I spent too much time on the negative? What about all those self esteem boosters that they give you in the public school? I have a horrible self esteem! Even in Jesus.... hmmm... maybe that is what it is. I am looking at things through the world's eyes rather than His.

Maybe that is why we are told to think on true and lovely things. It is a way of God teaching us to see through His eyes rather than our own.

I have to remember that I am beautiful in God's eyes. He made me. And He loves me unconditionally.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Am ... A Learner

SO continuing in the 365 Days of Self Protriats, I am starting out with an I AM series. I will see how far I can go. Yesterday was "I am a Mom." Today is....

I Am A Learner
I AM ... a learner

What mom won't recognize this pose? The one where the child holds up their work and smiles really big? :)

I chose this pose because this is ALWAYS how my children post for pictures of their work. Sometimes they hold it under their face, but always holding it with a GREAT big smile (so proud of their work).

I am a homeschooling mom. And most homeschooling moms I know LOVE to learn! So the other day at a local homeschool co-op I took my hand to learning to watercolor paint still life (along with my kids). This is my first attempt. A blue vase with red carnations. Not my best work, but HEY it was the first time I have EVER done anything like this!

And yes, I love hats! :D Spring/Summer (and Autumn if I can get away with it), I wear my hats! :D

The great thing about being a learner and always learning is that it instills a love of learning in my children. I have my nose in a book just about as much as much oldest daughter does! :D And whenever we goto garage sales or thrift stores, the first place my children (and I) want to goto is the books. Even little JJ (now 3) begs for books and takes extreme pleasure in his bed storytime with Daddy.

The bad thing about books is that you can get so wrapped up in them that you forget to experience life. I will read and read and READ about all the things I want to do (like gardening, being a better keeper at home, etc.) but unless I stop READING and actually DO them, what good does it do me? What good is reading the Word of God if we do not apply it to our daily lives?!?! What books have my kids seen me read, and then not follow through with what I have learned? And are they learning to do the same?

What was great about me doing a watercolor WITH my kids was that they aw Mommy step (waaaaay) out of her comfort zone and DO something. I want my kids to be doers and not just hearers.

I wanna be a YES mom. Too many times growing up, whenever I asked to do something, the answer was either "NO!" or "later" - but later rarely came around. I need to work on saying YES more. So today, in addition to trusting God (and I guess this too is a part of that), I will work on being a yes mom. We will be DOING a lot more in the is house. Not just reading about it.

FREEBIE - booklet on prayer for preschoolers

This book is GREAT! VERY easy to understand and share with your children AND it has a prayer pocket craft. Grab it while it is free!!! :D

Yes, you do have to be a member to download it, but membership is free!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

365 Days of Me

Inspired by my husband, I am doing a 365 Days of Self Portraits. I do NOT like pictures of myself. But I thought it would be fun to do this as part of journaling.

Starting Out

I started out trying to take a picture of myself, and little MM, she ALWAYS is by my side. So of course she ended up in most of the tries at a good picture of me (or at least something someway decent).

I loved how it came out. I love how she loves me. And it shows who I am - a mom (I am other things as well and those will be future pictures). I take joy in my children!

Those wrinkles - I like to call them smile wrinkles because that is how I got all those wrinkles. I also look so much older than I am. :(

I know a lot of that is poor eating habits for SO LONG in my life. But I also think some of that is the fact that I worry WAY too much. I do not put enough trust in the Lord. It is no wonder that my children are not walking in faith like I wish they were. I am not setting the best example.

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all your ways and He will direct your paths." I have such a HARD time trusting in Him and not leaning on my own understanding. I have a lot of "knowledge" (though admittedly I know very little) - but that is secular humanism rather than Biblical truth. I go based on what I feel rather than what I know the Bible says. And when I feel the Lord's leadings, sometimes I go the opposite (selfish) direction.

I need to be better if I want my children to be better. I want them to be BETTER than me. OH how I have a pet peeve about parents who say "I hope you ..... when you grow up" and that something is always what you are putting them through. I hope my children are so well trained in the fear and admonition of the Lord that they are better parents than I am and therefore their kids will be better kids than they were/are. Each generation becoming BETTER than the previous.

SO maybe, like in The Love Dare, where you do one thing at a time, but continue to do that thing each day... so maybe today, whenever I have a choice, I will pray first rather than going with what I feel. And when I am afraid of the consequences of an action, I will trust in God for the outcome, especially if I am doing His will (rather than my own).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Homeschool Day EVER!

This past Saturday we had the BEST homeschool day ever! (Yes, not only do we homeschool through the year, but we also sometimes school on Saturdays as well. Some might think I am a bad Momma for doing so - but the smiles on my kids faces this day say otherwise.)

It started out with a local (well about an hour away) bird festival. On the way up, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for kids meals. Right now they have the BEST toys! All great for bug hunting. Each of the girls had a bug catching container (with a magnifying glass on top) as well as (from a previous trip to Chick-Fil-A) a "swiss army knife" type thing which has pliers and a magnifying glass for bug catching.


I LOVE HATS! And I love my girls in hats! Here they all are in their hats! They look so precious! Well ... they ARE so precious!! Here they made their own bird. There were other activities as well, but this shot says it all. :D

Where we parked there was a LOVELY little creek running through and a wonderful picnic place. What a WONDERFUL place to do observations!

The girls setting up to do their observation drawings.

JJ and the spy glass he got from my kids meal (he is allergic to the chicken, but can eat the fries, so I get the kids meal - I eat the chicken and get the drink, he eats the fries and gets the toy).

JJ LOVED picking up rocks and throwing them in the water. Every time he did, he would JUMP and say "splash!" And the girls just LOVED seeing and being near the water. Most of their drawings were of the water.

I LOVE this shot of EE and MM just sitting and eating and talking! SOOOOooooo sweet!

All in all it was a MOST wonderful day. It was fun and full of laughter and learning and being together. If you want to see more pictures, they can be seen here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Current Web Readings

Granny Med
LOL! Cute name for home remedies and natural cures. I so wish I had learned more from my great-grandmother while she was still alive.

Health 911
FREE information about using herbs to heal. I will admit that I still like Herb Mentor better, but only because I can actually ask questions and get specific. Not to mention all the FREE stuff there. :) You do have to pay for membership, but it has been totally worth it for us. All the medical bills I avoid! :D

<Herb Reference
Free online herbal reference.

Making Books With Children
FUN and free ideas for making books with children. Can be books or mini-books for lapbooking.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pioneer Studies

Oh how fun!!! We got The Prairie Primer and I would LOVE to do that this year (we might do it next year because I already have plans for this summer school, so this will be NEXT summer school).

Anyways, I found this really fun looking Guide To Pioneer Projects You Can Build Yourself. It is on sale for $12, normally $15 right now. :D AND the sample pages they show you are NICE! Some show you like one or two things. This gives you a GREAT feel for what you will be getting.

So if you don't have a theme yet for the summer, you might look into getting yourself some Prairie Primer and/or the Guide To Pioneer Projects You Can Build Yourself and have a BLAST this summer!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Current Web Readings

This is kinda short this week. It is so much easier for me to just click "Share of Facebook" when i find a good link! LOL!!! So I have a TON of links on my FB page.

God's Devine Order
A good reminder.

Are Your Kids Hearing God's Voice?
This was a good conviction. We will be working on this this week.

a wonderful and timely reminder of how to handle affliction.

Daily Paul
I never would have thought myself a supporter of Ron Paul. I was a HUGE Huckabee fan during the last election. But there is a passion for truth stirred up inside of me. A passion for America to return back to what our forefathers desired for this country and it's people. Read on...

Berkey Water Bottle
I SOOOOOO want one of these for every member in the family!

How To Cure A Sugar Fiend
I can't WAIT to make that breakfast for my daughters!

Friday, May 1, 2009

TONS of Freebies (151 to be exact)

OK, so not only is Curr Click having a huge sale right now (some REALLY good prices, so be sure to check them out and get it while the price is right - I know I am going to check and see if any of my wishlist has the right price! :D)

But they also have a TON of freebies! And some GOOD ones. Yes, for those of you who are Curr Click fans, some of them are repeat freebies. But there is some good stuff on there too. Or maybe it is just stuff that I forgot I already had from them. :D Either way, here is how to access the freebies:

1) Goto CurrClick's main web page
2) scroll down JUST a little and look on the left hand side for the words "FREE STUFF" - there is a graphic there, so it is pretty hard to miss.
2) click on that and then HAVE FUN! Grab those freebies and don't forget to USE THEM! :D