Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dust Busters

I have never been good at housekeeping. Dusting was something I had not really done until recently (and by recently I mean about a month ago and have not gotten back to since). Why is it so hard to stick to a schedule?

I have been reading a WONDERFUL book that an online friend Oreosouza recommended called Living Life On Purpose (be sure to get the version by Kym Wright - turns out there is another book out there by the same title). I just finished reading the chapter on discipline. Now you might think after two chapters of her discussing chores for children, this might be on disciplining your children. But it isn't. It is on how WE as mothers need to be disciplined.

And OH how I need to be disciplined! I require my kids to clean up their room, but my room has stuff strewn about. I require my kids to speak softly, yet I often raise my voice. I want my children to be good keepers at home, yet I don't do what I know I need to be a good keeper at home myself.

So, today I begin (why do we always think we have to start on a Monday or a first of the month?).

Anyways, here is a great link to make your own dust busters.

I am curious what YOU prefer to use for dusting (I have heard feather dusters are the best) and why you like that for dusting.

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