Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Oh I just have to share the blessing I just witnessed.

EE (my 5yo) is to sweep the floor and keep the kitchen clean. That is her zone and she is in charge. I have paired her up with MM (3 1/2yo) who helps her. MM actually goes around helping everyone in their zones.

Let me back up a little. Last night EE was helping AA (my almost 7yo) and AA was yelling at EE to find the board. Well EE, bless her heart, was trying her best to find a board, but she had no idea what AA was talking about.

This morning as MM was trying to help EE sweep the floor, EE was yelling at MM. I was able to make this into a teachable moment.

EE do you remember how you were trying so hard last night to help AA clean and find the board, but you didn't know what the board was. And how sad it made you to be yelled at like that when all you were trying to do was help? MM doesn't know how to sweep the floor yet.

MM came into the kitchen after that and EE smiled and asked MM to come over and she would show her how to sweep the floor. MM laughed and jumped up and down and said YEAH YEAH!
Now all I hear from the kitchen are giggles as the two are sweeping again TOGETHER and EE is teaching MM to sweep. I am also hearing WONDERFUL praise and encouragement too.

Great job MM you are sweeping very nice!


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