Friday, January 12, 2007

How Many Children Do You Have?

Having more than one child, more than 2 actually, I am always getting comments. Those who are in certain Christian circles know the kind of comments I am talking about. And there has always been the proverbial question how to answer back.

I was reading on some blog about a mother who was really convicted about snapbacks. She was told that she had her hands full with so many children. She was about to snapback with better full than empty when her friend stepped in and asked how many children she had. The woman broke down in tears commenting that they had tried and tried for several years to have children, but were unable to.

Today I got convicted by Everyday Mommy. She only has one child. And being the mother of only one child, she too gets the same kind of comments that mothers of many get, only reversed. Is that your only one? Are you going to have more? Etc. I had never thought about how rude my comments may be to a mother of only one. I encourage you to read her post today (and the comments that follow are hilarious!) about being a mom of onlies.

She has another post that is so touching and really eye opening. About the struggles a mom of one faces. And the fun playtimes that can occur because of them! :) (BTW - I LOVE yurts and really REALLY want one! Any of you who are MaryJane fans prolly feel the same way!).

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Jess said...

Hi there! I came over from Making Home- and have been enjoying your blog immensely! I just wanted to thank you for these links. It is a great reminder for those of us with multiple children to remember that those kind of questions can be offensive to moms of one. (In trying to find similarities with other moms, we can often ask questions that poke at wounds... and I have the tendency to forget that!) Thanks for this post!