Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Banking on an Unknown Future

I used to ALWAYS tell my kids that I PROMISE we will do something. And then I have the humbling task of asking their forgiveness when I FORGET to do it and hope that their trust in me will not be too affected.

I have learned a LOT in being a parent and one of them is that I NOW try not to promise my kids anything (except that I will always love them and nothing they ever do will make me stop). Partly because I am so forgetful and partly because we don't know what could happen tomorrow. But sometimes I forget and make a promise. Then I end up working overtime to make it happen.

My kids are always banking on another day. The Bible is has encouragements not to focus on tomorrow:
do not withold good from those to whom it is due
do not boast about tomorrow, you do not know what it may bring
do not worry about tomorrow
you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow

In fact, whenever it is talking about tomorrow, it is usually warning you that you need to do something TODAY to prevent the bad that is coming tomorrow OR to prepare yourselves because the Lord will do wonders tomorrow.

One of the ways we got into debt was we got into a habit of purchasing things knowing that the money would COME. Not that it was in the bank, but that we could spend on the credit card for the month, pay it off in full, then start the whole cycle over again. We were living paycheck to paycheck. Spending the check before we even got it. We never expected a loan that was needed for needed repairs to the house NOR my son's illness and all the expenses that would come with it. We ended up in big time debt.

God is VERY gracious we were able to learn a lot from Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University. Now we are also learning a lot from Peter Schiff. Thankfully we have a budget now, so every cent is told where to go before we even get the check. :D We are paying off debt, building up our ER fund, able to contribute to my husband's ROTH (most months) AND tithe. I say tithe, not to bring attention to myself. But to let you know that GOD IS FAITHFUL! When we give to Him first, we always have enough to follow through with the budget.

But old habits die hard.

I am so tempted in this economy to look for and buy the house of our dreams (lots of land with beautiful trees, a river runs through it, a small modest house) while the market is bad and we can get a great price on it. If we were to wait until the house we currently live in was worth more than we paid for it, then we would end up paying more for the dream house too. But I need to wait on God. Do I trust Him or don't I?

God know the plans He has for me! I need to bank on HIM instead of an unknown future (what finances will be like, will we get the house of our dreams, is that house even God's will for us?, etc.). He will always be there, even when a check isn't. And when storms come (like a house in need of repair or a desperately ill son), He is the solid Rock on which to stand. A very present help in trouble. Now I just need the patience to wait on Him. His will is perfect!

(Thanks for listening to me ramble - this was more for me than anyone, but should God use it to bless you, to God be the glory!)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Current Web Readings

Noah's Ark
CUTE embroidery set/quilt - free.

Easter Activities

The Reading Crisis
Good documentary.

Miniature Clothes and Clothesline
WAY cute!!!

Four Lies to Protect Your Children Against
This is a MUST read (especially after ABC's latest stunt in the "Is Satan Real?" broadcast. UGH!

Quick Stick Deodorant
Have I said just how much I LOVE this blog!!! Make your own aluminum free (just because you buy it at the health food store does NOT mean it is healthy for you! Read the labels!) deodorant stick!

Free Bowling for Kids

Recent Interview WIth Tightwad Gazette author HT: The Simple Dollar

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Something that I realized we needed to work on this week. So we are continuing on with our Joyful Steward Student Planners, which the girls are loving!

I took a peak at the one for older girls...LOVE IT! Once we get this one going, I am going to do the older girl's one (it comes in the kit) which has space for a life skill to practice. I LOVE this! I am also going to revamp it to do a 26 week one where we go through the book TEACH THEM TO YOUR CHILDREN. If you do not have this book, IT IS A MUST! So the Bible verse at the top will be the top, and the copywork will be the verse and the poem that goes with it. I want to do a lapbook of the book too (not sure I am that ambitious yet). :D

So back to diligence...(maybe our next character trait is STAYING FOCUSED LOL!!!)

Our character trait for the week is diligence. So we are doing a diligence lapbook (click here for FREE lapbook ideas for diligence and other character traits), You can actually find you tube videos on diligence lapbooks! :D

Does anyone else remember the Disney 1934 short The Grasshopper and the Ant??
The Tortoise and The Hare is another good short to help teach diligence.

I could not find a mini book with the story The Ant and the Grasshopper, so I made my own.

All I ask is that you PLEASE do NOT sell it or change it in anyway. And please do not put a copy on your site. Please direct others HERE to get their own copy. By clicking on the link to download, you are agreeing to the above terms (no modifying, no selling, directing people to my site to get it rather than putting a copy on your site or in your files). Thank you.

Click on the image below. It will take you to a full size image which can be saved to your hard drive or printed out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tarantulas Lapbook

AA works on her lapbook:
MM works on hers:

Just some pics of lapbooks we did a little while back.
Here is more info on our Spiders Lapbook

Why Did They Take That Page Down - how to find it again...

I was talking to Jennifer (Hi Jen!) at our local homeschool History/Science/Arts and Crafts fair, and she mentioned that her daughter was trying to get information off the web, but that a site was gone.

Whenever you come across a link for a site, and it is no longer there because the page has been removed, there is a VERY good chance that you can still see the site! Take the URL for the page you want to see and goto:


There is a box there called THE WAY BACK MACHINE
Enter the URL there inside the box.

MOST pages are archived and captured in the way back machine. It will show you different dates and you can see how the pages looked at different dates.

I will warn you that most of the time, the pictures are not captured (especially if they are hosted on a different site like Flickr), and neither are most PDF files.

This works for most all pages (personal pages with that crochet pattern you have been looking for, business pages that had an article you were really hoping to read, etc.). There are a few sites that have blocked archiving, but those are few and far betwee,

So next time you try to follow a link somewhere, and it leads no where, try The Way Back Machine!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Current Web Readings

Sample Week
Is anyone else LOVING the homeschooling ads on Facebook?? I saw this there. It is a FREE SAMPLE for a WEEK's worth of lessons for preschoolers and nature. It is SO CUTE! Of course it is for SEPTEMBER (long ways off), but still it is free and CUTE!

Chick Egg Cover Free Crochet Pattern (ravelry pattern link)
This is WAY cute!! I am so thankful this is a FREE pattern.

Spring Finger Puppets (ravelry pattern link)
WAY cute!!! AND FREE!! With it's own carrying case. WAY WAY CUTE!!!

Free Crochet Patterns
I had not seen this site before. Some good stuff!

Favorite Math Games for Young Children
GREAT list of games to play!! LOVE making learning fun!!! :D

Books and Boys
Do you have a young boy who is a reluctant reader? This is a Christian site by a Christian writer/producer who is/was a reluctant reader. He knows what boys want/need when it comes to reading and has written several books for boys.
Other links:
About The Author
Authors Reviews of Books for Boys

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Will The Viewer From Round Rock Texas please STAND??

OK, Seriously though. I am wanting to talk to the person who is reading this blog who lives in Round Rock Texas (yes, the internet allows me to know where people are viewing from but not WHO is viewing). So leave me a comment and let me know who you are and a way to contact you. You been coming on here for a while now. I have family in Round Rock. :) Hope to hear from you soon!! :D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Sweethearts: Give A Man A Hand

Sometimes our husband can be a real blessing to us and allow us "time off." A girl's night out...a woman's retreat...a run to the grocery store. :) And sometimes he has to watch the kids because you need to take one in for outpatient surgery (MM's doing GREAT by the way, thanks for your prayers).

I have learned one way to TRULY bless my beloved when he is watching the kids (and I am away) is to leave SOME sort of schedule for him, as well as a feeding plan for all the children (not just meals, but snack ideas too because are kids EVER full?!?). :D

I know that my beloved sometimes gets very focused on doing ONE thing and watching three or four kids without knowing some sort of schedule is a bit overwhelming for him. Even just a reminder to check the Acts of Service board (ours is a PEGS System) if the children need something to do.

Because my beloved is only really around them during the evening and weekends, he doesn't realize how much the children eat (usually 4-5 mini meals a day, that includes snacks), or that they need naps/quiet time. Letting him know certain times for those activities are helpful to him.

AA is at an age now where she can cook a few meals. So even just letting him know that at a certain time he can tell her to make ______ for lunch (there has to be a specific food there, otherwise AA will ask him if each little thing is OK to eat). :D I also ALWAYS have a bowl of fruit on the table and carrot sticks in the fridge. That way when the kids want a snack, he can say "grab a piece of fruit" or "eat some carrot sticks." He does not even have to think about it OR prepare it for them.

It truly helps him to not have to worry about what to feed the kids, and it also helps him to remember that they have a quiet time (which gives HIM a quiet time and allows him to have some peace). :D

So while this was not very romantic, I guarantee that helping him to car for the kids while you are away is a wonderful way to keep the romance alive. :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

WONDERFUL resource to help with homeschooling

I rarely purchase a product. Give me a freebie ANYDAY! In fact, I am in charge of the freebie table for our local homeschool group. I am always finding freebies (you can tell I because of all the links on this blog) that are great for homeschooling (now if I could only find freebies for things I really need). :D

I recently found a product that I wanted to purchase. I did and I am really enjoying it. And so are the girls!

Joyful Steward Student Planners Combo Set

The girls LOVE this! There is ONE sheet you print out for the week (there are 36 weeks worth of pages). Be sure to click on the PREVIEW to see what it looks like. There is a Bible verse, character trait to work on, book to read, calendar for the week, check list for school studies, and a check list for chores. Right now they are all doing the Primary one. But next year, AA and EE will do the Intermediate Girls one. It is basically the same, but includes a spot for them to work on a life skill (like baking, crochet, knitting, etc.). LOVE THAT!!!

They LOVE having a calendar for the week. They are always asking me when are we doing this or that. Now of course the vacations or visits to family (which are months away) cannot be on there, BUT for the most part they will know what happens when. :)

Each of the girls have a notebook with the coversheet. It has their name and the year (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). Then it has the sheet for the week. Behind this is all their work (including lapbooks) that they have done during the week:

(1) The Bible verse on the sheet is our copywork. For other copywork I have things dealing with the character trait we are working on for the week (this week is cheerfulness (click here for FREE lapbook ideas for cheerfulness and other character traits), as well as songs, poems or other sayings.

(2) I am creating a vocabulary page where they will define the character trait, write a sentence using the word, and draw it (or take a picture with the camera). I will post it for free once I have it created if anyone is interested.

(3) They write a book review and can draw a picture for the book.

(4) Lapbooks they might have done.

(5) Bible lessons/catechism.

(6) Worksheets or anything else written or done during the week.

This is SUCH an encouragement to them! A GREAT way for them to show Daddy what they have been working on, and a GREAT way to keep it all in one place. I am so happy!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Our House... Learning and Growing

I have been working with AA to teach her that she needs to READ THE DIRECTIONS first. I need to find a copy of that sheet we ALL did in high school. You know the one where you are told to read the entire thing first, then answer the questions. The last thing on the sheet is to not do ANYTHING at all. Anyone know what I am talking about and WHERE I can find one?

I am also working on her reading the directions rather than trying to do it by herself and figure it out. I LOVE that she can do that, but sometimes, when she cannot, she ends up getting incredibly frustrated.

We are now with EE where we were with AA just a few months ago in handwriting. Perfection and the quest for it. I LOVE that my daughters want to do their best, but why they seek out perfection when they KNOW that only Jesus is perfect... it is just a MAJOR source of frustration for them. They truly believe their letter HAS TO HAS TO H_A_S T_O look JUST LIKE the one they are copying. I try to encourage them that they have their own individual handwriting. It will not look like the paper OR mine or Daddy's. They need to write their OWN "a". It doesn't have to have the little hook thing on top.

I have been reading a lot, as well as watching on you tube, about healthy eating. This is SO important. I am learning SO MUCH! I am really enjoying Underground Wellness (I am subscribed on iTunes to his podcasts as well), and Nourishing food blogs like Cheeseslave and Kelly The Kitchen Kop. I have also been enjoying books by Joel Salatin (he has a Facebook page! - he homeschools AND I am pretty sure he is a Christian).

I have also REALLY enjoyed reading through The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby with my beloved in bed in the evenings. MOST of it, he already knows. He has done a LOT of reading. :) But I have been learning a lot. And every once in a while, we will read something that he goes "Hmmm..." to, which translates as "that's pretty cool!" :D The book is written in VERY easy to understand terms (like a best friend talking to you on a photography walk). And don't think it is just for those who have digital SLR cameras! Those who have some control over their point and shoots will learn a lot too! And what is great is if I do not understand something, my beloved can explain it to me in "Paula" terms. :) I am learning so much and SO EXCITED about taking pictures! This is a wonderful hobby that my beloved took up and I have taken it up and now enjoy it as much as him.

A few things I am thankful for:
-A new desire to teach the children the word of God and get more "meat" in them.
-the poochy belly I have is disappearing!
(I am trying really hard to not list my kids or my beloved or things related to them!) :D

Mother of 20 is Interviewed

This interview is VERY inspiring. Whether you have one or twenty-one kids, you should read this.

Monday, March 16, 2009


This is WAY COOL!!!!

CurrClick has a FREE LAPBOOK this week only that corresponds to Edith Schaeffer's EXCELLENT book The Hidden Art of Homemaking.

If you have not read the book, you MUST! And if you have not gotten your free lapbook based on this book, do it now! :D



Current Web Readings

Making Shades of of Mini Blinds
Can I just say how much I HATE MINIBLINDS! Maybe I need to create a FLAIR button for Facebook. LOL!! Anyways, This... THIS I LOVE! Has anyone tried this? I am curious on how to clean them (not that I ever cleaned the mini-blinds, but, hey, it is good to know how to, should I have the desire, not to mention TIME to). HT: Like Merchant Ships

Rebecca is always a fun read and today's was exceptionally encouraging! I must admit that I knew most of what she was saying, but there is just something ABOUT the WAY she says it that makes it so easy to understand and desire for your own children. Thank you Rebecca!

Fast Fresh Jam

Names Of Jesus Garland for EASTER!
Oh I just LOVE Monica - her sweet spirit (yes, I had the pleasure of meeting her IRL) and her love of Jesus overflows on every post! I loved her names of Jesus garland for Christmas, and now she has one for Easter. She explains the reason behind it. VERY powerful to use with the kids!

Why Do I Have Empty Ziploc Bags In My Freezer?
I never thought of keeping them in the freezer! :)

Reheating Foods Without a Microwave
We have not been using a microwave for about a month now and it is GREAT to have that kitchen counterspace back AND know that I am much healthier for it! :D

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Crafty Award

I'm Crafty! Award
I'm Crafty!

Thanks Cindy for this award!! :D

Here are the rules:
1. Copy the code and enter it on your blog and/or in your sidebar.
Go Here to get the code (it is at the bottom of the post)
2. Pass the award on to at least 3 other crafty people you know. Maybe it is a friend IRL or just a really awesome blog you keep up with. Email them or post a comment on their blog so they will know they have been given the award.

That's it! Keep being creative and leave me comments so I can come look at your own awesome crafts!

Here are the people I pass this award onto (I am so glad she said at LEAST 3 because I have a few more):

Rebecca NEVER fails to impress with her crafty creativity! From how she decorates her home, to her WONDERFUL pictures, to her doll house she made for her oldest daughter, to the wonderful jams and jellies she preserves, to her tutorial (which is the only one I use) for pillowcase dresses...I am in total awe!

The Homespun Heart
Monica is SO crafty and creative. And not only that, she is so generous in sharing how she did them. I have so many of her ideas printed out to use someday :) to beautify my home more. Currently she is doing crafts through Proverbs 31. She blesses me!

Like Merchant Ships
Meredith is amazing with how she is able to be so creative and crafty and on a budget no less. I love seeing her ideas and how she uses what she has, or finds beauty in something that I normally would have overlooked.

Little House In The Suburbs
These two ladies are GREAT! They share FREE tips, recipes, and patterns for all sorts of crafts! LOVE that they CROCHET!! Two snaps for crochet instead of knitting!

CoffeeShop Photography
While I do not know this person IRL, she spends HOURS of her time to make FREE actions for Photoshop and PSE. I truly admire her work and her generous spirit.

Working Willingly With My Hands

It is amazing how powerful, though short, Meredith's posts can be.

In playing catch up in reading her bog, I came across this post which really inspired me!!!

I too rather gather from afar (i.e. the thrift store) than work willingly with my hands. And how much do I gather!! LOL!! My house is FULL of stuff I bought JUST because it was a great bargain!

My beloved recently mentioned to me that it shows him great disrespect when I am so careless with our money. He had to work so many hours for whatever that object is. And when I buy it for no reason, OR when I buy it and it does not get used, it is showing him that I do not respect him OR his time because time equals money equals that cheap whatever I bought and wasted money on.

He also said the same is true even if I use it. If I am not caring for it, or making sure the KIDS care for it (be it furniture, clothes, DVD's, whatever), then again, it shows a disrespect for him and his time.

So I really want to working on USING WHAT I HAVE rather than always running out and buying something. Maybe even staying away from thrift stores all together unless something is NEEDED. Then looking for THAT thing, and not tempting myself to buy something because of the great price. I use the same principle to save money on furniture. Rather than going out and buying new furniture or things to decorate the place, I simply rearrange the furniture. A whole new look, and it cost me NOTHING! Plus it makes me feel GOOD using my creative side to rearrange the room. :)

And I am working on getting rid of those things which I wasted money on. Hopefully I can barter or sell them. Beloved feels even more disrespected when I bought something, and then it just gets donated right back.

And I think with less stuff, it will be easier to see and care for (and respect) those things which we DO have.

Now, after all this seriousness, but still on topic, read this for a laugh.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Minute Purim Ideas

Let's Learn About Purim

Bible Themes - Esther

Some fun worksheets to add to your book.

Purim Puppets to print out and cut out

Arts and Crafts Ideas Kids Projects
This may only have Purim stuff at the time of Purim.

Montessori Links for Purim 2008

Downloadable Worksheets
JACKPOT!!!! free registration. Once there do a search for PURIM ... LOTS of good printables!!! These are great for lapbooks!! You can also make a mobile! And how to make your own graggers!! OH WHAT FUN!!!

I also created a print out of a cookie with the directions on how to make them. If you want one email me (or comment leaving your email address, I will not publish comments with email addresses in them) before Friday March 13, 2008 and I will email you a copy.

What We Are Doing: Cleaning and Schooling (with a little bit o prayer needed please)

Well, I finally broke down and got into Facebook. I am on there if you want to friend me, let me know in the comments (I won't publish the comment). :)

I also finally got a set (two actually) of cuisenaire rods! I am pretty excited about using them with the girls. ANY tips or words of wisdom on HOW to do this??

I am still reading Dr. Mercola's Total Health Cookbook and Program and taking notes. I have decided that for me, it is easier to do this in MAJOR baby steps. So for the month of March, I will be working on eliminating white sugar from my diet. I still get honey and evaporated cane juice. :) Then, as each month comes, I will add something new to work on. :) I am really excited and positive about the health changes I am already seeing by implementing what I have been reading.

MM will have some medical tests done March 19-20. Your prayers are truly appreciated. I am so thankful that a friend is loaning me her daughter to help out. They will be going down her esophagus and up her colon to look for any signs of anything. We are truly baffled by what she is going through. The blood, stool and urine samples show confusing results, thus the need for further testing. Thank you for your prayers.

I am also starting to read and fill out the What Your Child Needs To Know When. I have recently become overwhelmed at the thought that the girls are missing out on something. Especially when my beloved will ask something and I have to say "not yet, dear." I know he is frustrated. It is frustrating to ME because he sees how much BETTER and FASTER they are grasping things when allowed to go in their own time. Discovering multiplication all on their own (Momma! Did you know three twos are SIX!) gives them a love for math, learning and discovery!

I am also continuing to learn about herbs. I realize that I am doing WAY too much of that on my own and really need to incorporate my children, especially the older two right now, into this so THEY can have a deep appreciation for the wonder of God's creation and how it can be used to help our health.

I also need to work on cleaning the house. I am going through and focusing on ONE area of the house a month. Last month was the girl's bedroom (although we did not get to the closet). This month is the Master Bedroom. WIth hurting my back, I had to put the Master on the back burner. I put all cleaning on the back burner. So we focused on the girls' room and they got rid of a LOT of stuff. Their room is now for clothes and sleeping. Nothing else is to be in their room. It really is helping them to keep it clean.

I have realized, however, that it is unrealistic to expect the girls to keep EVERYTHING down in the basement ONLY. I mean, after all, the reason my room is such a mess is because I don't like having to go ALL the way to the basement for things. SOOOOooo, each girl will have a small drawer on the main level where they can keep things. The drawer MUST be able to close. That way, they can still have some of the more important things they play with more often in a more accessible area. I think EVERYONE will be MUCH happier. And things will STAY CLEAN (or at least, be easier to clean those few times they do get a little messy).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Goto Behemoth and after you sign in, see where it says AUDIO BOOKS TOP DOWNLOADS? It lists TEN P'S IN A POD. It is FREE til the end of March. Be sure to grab it!!!

This book has been on my wishlist ever since I heard about it coming out. And now that it is here, and FREE on audio book, I was thrilled! What GREAT listening it will make on long drives!! :)

Victory Garden Video

Watch Victory Garden Movie USA  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Monday, March 9, 2009

Current Web Readings

Backyard Chickens 101: Part 1
This is GREAT! Answers a lot of questions about those who want to have chickens in their backyard but have so many BASIC questions that no one seems to answer, but THIS POST DOES! :D THANK YOU!

Eat The Seasons
This is a GREAT site! It updates weekly to tell you what foods are in season so you are eating seasonal foods! How AWESOME!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What We Are Working On: Lapbook for the Armor of God

We are working on Armor of God lapbooks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lapbooks!! We are working all week on them. I got the FREE resources between two combined links:
Simply Lapbooks: Armor of God
Lapbooks In Progress: Armour of God
And here are a few I found on my own:
Bible Themes Armor of God
Armor of God Match
Armor of God Detailed Lessons
Collection of links to coloring pages and activities
Armor of God Index - GREAT stuff! LOVE DLTK!!
Armor of God Bookmarks - I am not LDS, but these bookmarks are AWESOME reminders!

The back of EE's folder. She did not decorate the front. It has the shield of faith (with the words "Armor of God" written on it:
The inside of EE's lapbook. She still has yet to answer the questions and do the activities:
The inside of EE's lapbook with the extra flap closed. I am MOST proud of her little doll she decorated with armor. She wrote the words "to mom" at the top, and did a most excellent job of decorating! It is the doll on right hand side.:

The inside of MM's lapbook with the extra flap open. Her little red pocket has each of the pieces of armor on a stick. (LOL at the thought of Armor on a stick!):
The inside of MM's lapbook with the extra flap closed:
The back of MM's lapbook - her sheild of faith:
The front of MM's lapbook.

Get a FREE Game To Help Your Kids With Multiplication - LINK FIXED

UPDATE: THE LINK IS NOW FIXED!!! Sorry about that for anyone who tried to get to it earlier. Thanks Monica for letting me know!!! :) I had forgotten the "http" before the website.

This is SO COOL!!! Creators of Play Station games have created a really fun game for kids to practice their multiplication tables! And you can get a copy for FREE! NO strings attached.

Get your free game Timez Attack

GREAT idea for a bookmark

Combine you love of gardening with you love for reading!

Seed Packet Bookmarks

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HPV Vaccine is unsafe?

A lot of people were pushing for Gardasil, the vaccine for girls as young as age 9 to help prevent cervical cancer. But just as with all vaccines, there are serious side effects. (See video below)

What is frustrating is that the vaccines that infants get, that have the same type of side effects (ranging from autism, to seizures, to death) is overlooked! They do not make the connection because they do not want to make the connection. Doctors have been giving the vaccines for so long, that to even suggest that there might be a problem with vaccines would cause an uproar! Not to mention how many law suits would be filed in our sue-happy society (especially with finances being tight, people are even more desperate for money).

People are choosing the vaccine because they don't want their child to get the illness they are being vaccinated for. When in reality the likelihood of the child ever getting that disease is very low. And it is not just because of the vaccines. Hand washing and better hygiene play a HUGE role. In fact, as most doctors and "off the record" they will tell you that most vaccines have little to nothing to do with the prevention of the disease. In fact, several children actually get the disease from the vaccine itself. And look at the RISE in autism and SIDS since the wide spread acceptance of vaccinations! But of course no one wants to admit that more children die from vaccines than the actual disease they are trying to prevent. No one wants to comment on the number or children with autism or ADHD - just give them a pill every now and then, and everything will be OK.

It is NOT OK. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the research! It is all there.

I know when my daughter and my nephew were born (within a few months of each other), we tried to warn my nephew's mother against the dangers associated with vaccines. We were attacked by her and her mother about how wrong we were and how careless we were being with our child's life. It wasn't until after several years after her child was diagnosed with autism that she said that I was right in not vaccinating our children.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Current Web Readings

March 2009 Growing in Grace Magazine
This BEAUTIFUL magazine is free online and has wonderful articles for your daughters (although I really like them too!). This month's issue has some GREAT links on Purim - coming up soon. If you have never celebrated Purim, you really should look into it.

She Senses Worth of Her Work
YEA! Monica is continuing with her series of crafts based on the Proverbs 31 woman!!! :D WOOHOO!!!

While there, say congrats to Monica for 5 years of wedded bliss! (And try not to be envious that she was able to fit back into her wedding dress!) :D Congrats Monica on fitting into your wedding dress and still amazing your man after 5 years of marriage. Here is to 50 more! :D

Homemade Thursday, What Was That?
She answered - homemade deodorant. Did it work? Read her hilarious review of the recipe to find out!

Fast Foods - the TRUTH
Fast food resturants would LIKE for you to THINK they are offering healthy options, but are they really??

The Happy Minimum
GREAT read!!! HT: Money Saving Mom

Speaking of MSM, she is doing a GREAT series you WON'T want to miss on 100 Different Ways to Save $100 This Year. Here is Part 1.

I will admit that it has only been during this past year that I learned all but ONE of her first 10 ideas. I had not heard about the eye glasses savings, so I am passing that onto beloved today who needs a new pair, and I will be needing a pair myself soon (and no, I don't wear glasses, yet, but I am getting old and cannot see as well as I used to). :) I can truly attest to EVERYTHING she has written in the post (except for the glasses thing). Having a budget, paying cash only, and using the envelope system haas worked for us INCREDIBLY well! We have saved SO MUCH MONEY! It has been GREAT!!! Not only were we able to cut our grocery budget, but we were able to get HEALTHY NOURISHING foods! I hope she talks about stockpiling. It has been a GREAT saver for us! For more on our journey about what we have learned about finances, click the FINANCES tab under this post (or on the sidebar).