Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Relying On The Word of God

I still smell like roses this morning! I have the BIGGEST smile on my face!!

And then that smile was replaced with conviction (just kidding, the smile is still there, but I am convicted). A short read, but needs to be read, Jess posted a MUST READ over at her blog. If you can get past the hair (gotta click it to see it) I think you will be glad you did.

When I was a baby Christian, I remember falling for almost anything I was told by the "Christian" community. Of course after being burned a few times, I have become a lot more Berean.

But I must admit that I still falter. I sometimes rely too heavily on really good books rather than the Word of God. I have a few spare moments here and there and what do I turn my eyes to? A book. A book that teaches me that I should be spending more time in God's Word! LOL!!

So today, when I have those few spare moments, I think I am going to have a Bible open to James (thanks Jess for the suggestion of studying James this month) and meditate on a verse or two.

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lindiepindie said...

Great link to the Dolly Parton statistic. :o)

I agree wholeheartedly - books can be great, but why do we so often neglect THE WORD? We have the source right in front of us, but so often find books about the Bible more appealing. You make an excellent point and I've had thought along these lines before, but have never put it into words that people could understand. Thanks.