Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Site - Homeschool Videos

Well, it has been around since April of this year, and it seems that outside links are not working yet (or is it just me?? when I clicked on the parents warning, to sign up for the newsletter, and to see the archives, none of the links worked).

Great Homeschool Videos

I am assuming the warning is because the videos can be quite educational and might be more appropriate for older ages (like one of the videos shows embalming, something you might not want your 5 year old to see, but might be perfect for your 14 year old during your unit study on Egypt).

And the videos are not just homeschooling, but educational as well. And also they have one that is a cute Lego parable about the Kingdom of Heaven. I was really hoping they had the Funny Moms videos on there, but they don't. :(

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Jim said...

Hi Paula,

We had some site glitches yesterday, but the site is up and running just fine now! Take another look, there's all sorts of stuff in the archives! And what is this "Funny Moms" video you mention? Better send us a link so we can check that out! PS> The most popular video we've had so far for "moms" has to be "Gone With the Wind in 4 Minutes". It is a riot.