Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Writting Books

My daughter LOVES to write books. I have been looking for a way to make books for her, and have shared some before (check out the homeschooling link on the left hand sidebar).

But when I came across this today, I just HAD to share! Change a journal/notebook into a BEAUTIFUL notebook! This is something even AA can do. Even though it is not as cheap as some of the other methods I have mentioned, it is a beautiful way to create a journal or book for your children to write in.

Something else my daughter did, which I am not sure if I mentioned before or not, is photo albums. You know the small ones that hold 100 4x6 pictures, one one each page? Well my daughter, without me telling her too or even thinking about what a great idea this is, created a page of a story for EACH picture holder in the book! This is a GREAT way to create a story because you can add it it or change out the story in a few days.

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