Friday, May 4, 2007

Best Kitchen Organizing Idea EVER!

OK, sometimes an idea is so simple, we kick ourselves for not thinking of it first. If only I had thought to do this myself! (You have to check out the link below.)

Baking Caddy

I have started using baskets much more in my kitchen, but never thought about that before!

It all started with not being able to know what teas I have available because I can never see them all. I have boxes and boxes to move and search through. Now, I have put them in a basket that I bring down. Rather than searching through all of the cabinet, I can just bring the box down and SEE everything at once. This is especially nice since I can put the basket of teas on the TOP shelf, and not have to see what is there.

SO I am quickly reorganizing my kitchen so that all my top shelves are full of baskets full of stuff. It is so much easier to have a labeled basket on a top shelf than trying to dig my way through (or worse, NOT USING) that top shelf space. I know what is in my labeled baskets, and just bring down the appropriate basket when time. I take what I need and put the basket back. SO nice, SO easy and SO SIMPLE!!!

I too have all my baking supplies in one area - under the kitchen island. That is everything but the ingredients!. After reading about the caddy, I am going to move the ingredients down there as well (giving me more pantry space). That way ALL baking supplies and ingredients will be in one place. SO NICE!!!

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