Thursday, May 31, 2007

Check It Out - Heirlooms and Tote Bags :)

Like Merchant Ships has some GOOD stuff on her blog this week! But I must admit that the most touching was this post about creating heirloom memories. Fit right in with my post on someday.

And just for MY future reference (yes, I check my blog frequently for "where did I see that..." :) ) remember this article on picking up fabric totes to use as gift bags. I LOVE this idea! I must admit that as long as the tote bag is in good, clean, did I mention GOOD shape, then why not use it? In fact you are giving TWO gifts if you use a tote bag as the gift bag because the tote bag can always be used too!!! :D And what a GREAT USE for all that fabric I just bought at a yard sale - Making tote bags to use as gift bags! I have used fabric bags to warp gifts for Christmas (I feel another blog post coming on), but never thought of using tote bags. OK ok if you couldn't tell, I really like this idea. :)

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Sharon said...

I LOVE this idea, too!