Monday, May 28, 2007

What To Do With All Those Drawings?!?!?!

I do not know WHY I did not think of this before.

My children LOVE to draw. And while every drawing is special, I simply cannot keep every one of them. Some of them, of course are kept for sentimental reasons. And some are drawn for others (thank God for extended family) :)

But what about all the other drawings "just for you Momma"?!?!

Well, I have started keeping them in a box for the children to pick out from to send to shut-ins, take to nursing homes, and to send to sick people in the hospitals. It blesses me to see the pictures being sent to those who can appreciate them, as they are precious to me. And it blesses my children to be able to bless others with their drawings.


Rebecca said...

What a fabulous idea! I think I am going to adopt it! But tell do you get addresses and such for people in hospitals and nursing homes?

Lisa said...

That is an excellent idea!! thank you so much for sharing it. My son loves to draw. I know his art work would brighten the day of others.

Brenda said...

Hey Paula,
Another thing I do with all the drawings is this....
I catergorize them like, shapes, colors and flowers, and turn it into a book for them to keep and look through. I laminate the front and back cover and then bind the rest of the pages inbetween. I put their age in the book and this way I will also have my favorite drawings, by them ,combined into a book to look back on myself.
Hope all is well

devildogwife said...

That's a wonderful idea. I take snapshots of munchkin's pictures, so we can scrapbook them. It's easier to let go then. ;)

sherri said...

Like devildogwife we take digital pictures of all artwork. The bigger sheets we use for wrapping paper. I love the look of their seemingly random color splotches or patterns tied with a raffia bow. The kids are pleased to see their artwork put to good use.