Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Zoo Day Fun - What A Great Idea

I love reading Like Merchant Ships. I am always finding FABULOUS ideas for saving money and for homeschooling! Yep, that's right. ANOTHER homeschooling tip from this wonderful blog.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

While she drew hers (I cannot draw that well), you could find pictures online and print them out. You could even make BINGO cards so the children can play along while looking. For older children, you could also have them seek out a fact about the animal (most animals have some sort of info thing in front of them). See who can find the most interesting fact.

Now that baby JJ is old enough to really look at the animals I SOOOOO want to goto the zoo. But the weather here has not been cooperating. Not to mention we did not get season passes this year. Hmmmm.... Maybe I can find coupons online? OR we can always wait until Denver has it's free day for the zoo (they do have a free day, right?? - Gotta check that now).

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