Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday's Fun: Ice Breakers

I think you could do this just for fun with kids. But this was originally an ice breaker game.

Shoes Off and On

When your guests arrive have each one stand at a line. Ten or fifteen feet away have a basket or box. Have each guest try to kick his shoes off and into the box. If he sis successful, he may keep his shoes and wear them. If he is unsuccessful, he must leave that shoe off for the remainder of the party. If he gets one in and one out, he must leave one of his shoes off throughout the party.

Cinderella's Shoes

At my daughter's birthday (a princess theme), we had all the girls take their shoes off and put them at a line. Then they went across the room to the wall. When we said GO, they ran to get their shoes, put them on, and then come back to the wall and sit down.

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