Friday, August 17, 2007

Working Willingly With My Hands

YEAH! It is amazing how much the trashing my dress has really changed my life!

Ever since I starting thinking about idle hands I have been motivated to FINALLY do things I have been wanting to for a while. :)

The other day, I finished my first project. I HAD NO PATTERN! (You have no idea how excited I am!) I saw something I liked, and set out to imitate it. Now, of course, I had to settle. I was really wanting this to be longer to fold in half, but I did not realize to factor in the pocket in my measurements. NO PROBLEM! I just happily settle for one side instead of two! :)

I also did hearts along the top (although they are upside down, something I need to correct in the next version). Beloved pointed out that the hearts compete with the pattern in the fabric, so I will prolly leave those out next time.

I have NEVER done ANYTHING like this before! I am way excited!! And it turned out so cute!!! Now I have my own organization for my crochet hooks! YIPPEE!!! (And as you know, when you are a Momma of a little one, they are just as excited about your projects as you are! LOL! Baby JJ's hands were anxious to get a hold of my new project! LOL!)

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Mom2fur said...

Great job! I probably would have made the hearts upside down, too, LOL! But who cares...the whole thing is a really nice place for your crochet hooks. Now you can take the same principle and make a pencil or crayon holder!