Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dinner Tonight (day 4)

I must admit that it saddens me how much money I have just wasted on groceries every month when I had more than enough here to feed my family. The week is not half over and I am realizing just how much EXCESS I have. Who needs 7 cans of baked beans (that are only used with hot dogs or hamburgers)?? And why do I have SOOOO many cans of chopped tomatoes?

I usually spend about $100 a week on groceries for my family. And I thought that was pretty good. Buying organic and for a family of 6. After all, I was told by someone close they spend over $700 a month just for the two of them (although they do have company over frequently). And while it is not the $40 a month some families do, I had always thought that unattainable with the type of eating we do. After all, we do not eat beef, and we eat very little to no meat (chicken, fish, etc.) so I cannot buy the cheap meat to feed my family.

But four days into eating only what we have and not buying anything, I have decided that I want to do this at least once a month. One week out of every month. Just think of the money I would save. I would save at least $100 a month!! You see, when I go grocery shopping, I don't JUST buy groceries. I usually end up buying a little bit of this or that, or the ice cream on sale or .. well you get the idea.

So today we ate oatmeal for breakfast (and if you are wondering, yes, my children are getting tired of oatmeal, but they are not complaining). :D Praise God for that. :D
Lunch was homemade granola (a hidden way to use MORE oats LOL! without the children thinking it was oatmeal) with yogurt.
Dinner was tacos (it is not unusual for us to have Mexican three-four times a week). I browned more onions and peppers. Then I had some fake meat crumbles and threw those in with corn. I found a bag of taco seasoning that I threw in. Served on taco shells with lettuce. The kids also had a salad. It was really good. :)

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Martha A. said...

It is amazing if you try to make it an adventure, how many meals can I make without buying anything, or as little as I can? It makes it fun, where as some people would see it as a hardship.
If you check a couple past posts I have some other homemade cereal recipes on there. One is grapenuts and one is a corn cereal. I know I have seen another one that I have not tried that is a mixture of a granola type cereal, but kind of like the grapenuts also.