Monday, July 30, 2007

Trash The DressTrash The Dress

Being a submissive wife is not always easy. Sometimes I am asked to do things that I just cannot see the reasoning behind (isn't it also that way with the Lord? Maybe that is why I am supposed to be submissive to my earthly husband so I can better submit to my heavenly Husband). :)

But usually (and not always right away), I will see the wisdom in my beloved's decision.

His current request? That I trash my wedding dress.

I must admit when I was standing over my husband's shoulder as he asked me to do this and he was telling me about the site, I was thinking that wedding dress means so much to me. Trashing the wedding dress is something someone who is divorced does. Those with happy marriages keep their wedding dresses, sealed in protective plastic just like mine is. Which also happens to be hidden away in a closet somewhere.

But after he explained to me about what exactly trashing your wedding dress is, and showed me some of the cutest pictures of women trashing their dresses, we decided to go for it. Hey laughed and gave me a high five, so I know this means a lot to him.

Now of course, most of the ones who do this are newly weds (you can tell by the pictures).

BUT, who says this has to be for newly weds!?! Next year, for our twelve year wedding anniversary, we have decided I am going to trash my wedding dress. That gives me one year to get into shape and be able to fit back into my wedding dress and one year to save up for the big event. (There are even photographers who specialize in trashing the dress photography.) You can follow my journey by clicking on the label Trash The Dress.

We will be having a vow renewal (something I thought my beloved would NEVER do, but he is going to buy and trash a tux with me) followed by the trashing of the dress. We are going to spend the day at Disneyland going on all the rides IN MY WEDDING DRESS! Then out for dinner IN THE DRESS! And then to the beach IN THE DRESS for a walk in the sunset along the beach (and maybe some rolling around too - scroll half way down to see my FAVORITE picture or trashing the dress by rolling in the sand!).

Why trash the dress? Because I love and am committed to my beloved. I have no use for a wedding dress anymore. And I am tired of stashing it away in a closet not to be seen or enjoyed. And just like I did not wear my mother's wedding dress and my mother did not wear her mother's wedding dress, the likelyhood of any of my daughters (or future daughter in laws) wanting to wear my dress are slim to none. And rather than having it be just one more things my children have to weed through when I die, why not let it be a living testimony to my children NOW about the commitment their father and I share with each other. Yes, the vows are enough. But why not turn the dress into a work of art to remember the day we took our vows? A work of art to remember our commitment to each other.


Kim said...

That is SO awesome! I am not yet a bride, so maybe someday when I am I can do this! It's perfect! And have fun doing it at Disneyland - I just spent a good chunk of my summer there and loved it SO much! You should absolutely ride the Grizzly River Run at California Adventure in your dress!!

Carrie said...

I JUST read about this idea this week, and love it!

Melissa said...

Hi! I've heard a lot about this, and I have to admit, I'm usually not keen on the idea. In your case, your dress is 12 years old, so it's probably dated, no offense :P. However, the girls that are getting married nowadays should just donate their dresses for those less fortune. Seems like a waste to their case (as their dresses are still in style).

However, I see why your husband is so excited about trashing your dress, as men don't usually hang on to stuff like we do. hehe!

Melissa :D