Friday, August 24, 2007

Remember When?

Do you remember when every thing in life brought your joy and happiness? A loved one smiled at you and you were on cloud nine. Someone clapped at something you did and you smiled so big you couldn't see because your eyes squinted shut (that is how my baby JJ smiles).

Whatever happened to those days where it was so easy to find joy? Does it wane with the added responsibility of daily life? And only appear in bursts here and there?

I am so thankful for my children. They help me to find a lot more joy in life that I would ever have without them.

Right now baby JJ is chewing on a dropper and it is making that squeaky sound. A few squeaks and he looks up at me with that smile from ear to ear that makes his eye squint closed and I just laugh out loud!

I pick him up and put him on my lap, where he proceeds to give my arm raspberries intermitted with that smile again.

Yesterday I was kissing Daddy and MM (4 yr) comes up and smiles a big smile and hugs both Daddy and me and then asks if we are married. :)

When AA was a little one (about 3yr) I was on a step stool trying to get something. However, the view was blocked from where she was sitting. "Momma, are you high?" I giggle. "Momma are you on something?" Bursts of laughter erupt from both my husband and me.

And Disneyland (with a 2yr 3yr and 5yr) would just not have been as much fun or magical just me and my beloved.

Today I cam across an ebay auction that you have prolly read by now (if you haven't, stop and go read it right now. It is too funny.). And of course, after reading the auction, I had to visit her blog. Which is where I found this wonderful video that does show just how full of joy we can be at such a young age.

Unfortunately, my baby JJ is such a boy and so reserved in his laughter. He hardly ever laughs, but those smiles so big his eyes squint shut abound!

And I do have to add a word here about my beloved. I also find joy in him and with him. He is my best friend and life is so much more joy filled WITH him as a part of my life. I am so thankful to God to be blessed with him as my friend, my husband. I don't want anyone out there to think that I find more joy in my children than in my husband. :) I am so thankful to be able to find just as much joy in BOTH!

Just reminding you to find joy in your kids, in your beloved, and to find joy IN LIFE! As Pollyanna said "There are over 800 glad texts" and if the Lord took the time 800 times to tell us to be glad, then we should, shouldn't we. :D

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