Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Blog Not To Miss (Especially THIS Post)

I am in LOVE with another blog! LOL!!! There are SO MANY good ones out there.

She has GREAT posts (especially her Frugal Friday ideas), but I must admit this one REALLY caught my eye. (Shereen, you will LOVE this!)

It is called the Furoshiki, and it is the easiest thing to make and use. It folds up so small into your purse (or you can even MAKE it into a purse!) and can be used to carry your groceries home. Or whatever you buy from the store home. :) Check it out!!!

HT: redbudslane

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Sallie said...

it sounds like a Japanese thing.. we lived there for several years and they had cool tips and tricks for EVERYTHING!! I'll have to go watch the video and visit the site..

God bless,