Monday, August 6, 2007

We've Only Just Begun

SO today begins my just under a year long journey to trash the dress!

This week I am going to try not to drink water until noon. I read somewhere that that is a good thing to do - it allows your body to fast longer (as that is why breakfast is called breakfast, you are breaking your evening fast). I am not sure if I will do this past the week, but this week, that is the plan.

This month I am doing a green smoothie cleanse. I have a group for Christian women wanting to learn more about raw foods. And a lot of us have decided that we are tired of the unhealthiness!

In the files section, there is information about the green smoothies and the benefits of it. It is written by the author of Greens For Life, Victoria Boutenko. She and her family are 100% raw foods. After being on raw foods and experiencing WONDERFUL results (her son's diabetes was cured, more energy, etc.) they started slowing down in their results. They knew it was not raw foods, so she began digging.

What she found was that because they were doing so much juicing, they were missing out on the fiber (as well as who knows what nutrients found therein). She also realized that while she was eating salads, she was putting so much FAT on them (avocado, nuts, oils, etc.) that she was getting more fat than greens. Enter her research and the green smoothie.

After instituting the green smoothie, her family once again starting seeing the results that they had originally when they FIRST started the raw foods diet. They did a study where regular people (even people who ate meat) went on a 30 day green smoothie challenge (I am calling the one at HealthSeekersForum a cleanse because in the past people complained about it being called a challenge and was therefore to difficult to complete) and experienced WONDERFUL results health wise. A lot of them lost their cravings for sweets (OH how I need that one! I remember that happening last time I did the cleanse). Most of them lost weight.

So those will be my main focus for this week in the plan to trash my dress. I plan on taking at least once aspect from each part of the plan and adding it a week. By the end of the month, I should be working on at least one thing in each area!! :) Next week I will start to work on finances. EEK!

I do have measurements so I can track how my body changes through this. And I am taking before, during and after pictures. I will try to post those soon.

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