Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Motivation To....

The great thing about trashing my wedding dress is that I have a LOT of motivation to get off my franny and start doing the things I have always wanted/needed to do.

OK, so let's make a plan. Of course I can add to the plan and will follow along in the blog with the benefits and such.

-drink more water
-as my brother in law Jeff says "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." - he is an inspiration for me to lose weight
-eat more raw foods (at least 85%)
-no late eating (try not to eat after 6:30)

-use T-Tapp
-walk more (having a new dog is a GREAT reason to walk more!)
-take SuperMom Vitamins

-Declutter more (garage sale, ebay, craigs list stuff we no longer want/need)
-Stay away from garage sales, flea markets, Goodwill unless I have a need, and then only go in for that need
-All cash and ONLY cash - no cash, no buying!
-Put more money into ROTH's and change bank to one with higher interest rate for savings

PLAN RENEWAL (tears just filled my eyes)
-where and when
-who to invite
-what kind of renewal

-ride on rides - can I do that in the dress or not for safety reasons?
-will it just have to be a beach trashing?


Brenda said...

Great goals! If I can help let me know! Even if nothing more than holding you accountable and you can do the same for me in some areas I am working on!

Lara in KY said...

I'm also starting a cash only sytem this month. I'll still pay the normal bills (utility, house) online, but everything else will be in cash.

I recently heard that when you use debit cards at gas stations the retailer can reserve up to $50 dollars, even if you only put in $10. That extra $40 could get some people in trouble with overdrafts.

Shereen said...

Hi Puala, I'm so excited to see your journey through this. It's so funny that you mention raw foods. I have post that I have been meaning to write about this. I purchased a book that has some great recipes. Well, at least they look like they are great. My goal is to become a raw foodist as well. For now I wanted to do at least one meal raw, and then maybe in a month or so, do two meals raw, etc. They say you feel incredible when you change over. Even your mind is more "awake". How will you be accomplishing it? I can't wait to see your trashing pictures, if you decide to share with us. Some of those other trashings were great. I'm so happy to hear your little one is okay. Praise God!!