Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Wife

"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord and not to men."
Colossians 3:23

God has placed women and marriages on my heart. I love to learn everything I can about being a better wife and helpmeet and I love to share and encourage other women in their marriages.

Some things to help you:

The Wife - By Washington Irving (a short read, but well worth it).
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Questions for a Godly Wife

Something that I have been really convicted of lately is that I am not treating my husband the way that I should. If he truly is the king of this house (as Christ is King of Kings), then I should be treating my husband like a king.

So how many readers did I just lose there? LOL!

But seriously, if the Bible says that I am to submit to my husband as unto the Lord, then should I not do that? Sarah called her husband lord and she is to be the example for us.

When my beloved asks me to do something, I need to remember it is as if the Lord Himself just asked me (do all things as unto the Lord). If the Lord were visiting me and He said that He wanted to take care of some business before dinner (and dinner was just being set on the table), would I argue with Him ... "Lord, you know how hard I worked making this dinner and it is ready now, can't you do that later?"...

LOL! OF COURSE NOT! I would put the dinner back in the oven and say "Of course Love, I will keep dinner warm for you and the kids busy until You are ready." And then I would keep dinner warm for him (not make him eat it cold because I was inconvenienced. (Please know I have not made my husband eat cold dinner because I was inconvenienced. LOL! It is just an example.)

It is funny that I have been telling the kids for months now that whenever Mommy or Daddy tell them something, they need to act as if Jesus is the One who asked them. It has really helped them with their attitude when I ask them to do something they are not really wanting to do. Silly Mommy! That is for YOU TOO! Whenever my husband asks my to do something, I need to act as if Jesus Himself has asked me. I am the bride of Christ. And whenever my husband wants to do something (or NOT do something), I need to act as if Jesus was the one who asked me to do something with Him. And when my husband doesn't want to do something, I need to remember to act as if Jesus did not want to do it.

Now of course, there is the appeal, and there is also the time to be silent and pray. I am still learning when to be silent and when to make an appeal. The praying part is helping with that. :) After all, you pray before making the appeal, you sometimes learn God wants you to keep silent. :) Either way I need to honor my husband, and in doing so, honor the Lord.

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