Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Garage Sale Turn Out

Total on the garage sale: $226. Only about $50 off from what I normally make. Saturday was a SLOW day. I had only a handful of customers. Turns out there was a neighborhood garage sale. BUMMER! I missed it! LOL! I guess tip number 5 would be CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOUR GARAGE SALE IS NOT ON THE SAME DAY AS A LARGE COMMUNITY SALE! LOL!!!

So continuing on with my tips for a good garage sale:

Fifth - see above. LOL!

Sixth - don't be afraid to go up to cars driving by (you can tell they are drive bys because they slow down) and ask if there is anything specific they are looking for. Engage the drive bys in conversation. If you don't have the item, apologize but then make a quick comment about how great your prices are and how they will regret not looking. Do this jokingly, as you don't want to pressure them. And it is always polite to wish them sincere luck even if they don't stop.

One lady got out laughing, but went back to her car in tears because she had found some CD her daughter really wanted and got it for a quarter! :) She could not stop thanking me for encouraging her to come and look! Another couple got out and got $7 worth of stuff (all 25cents each item). And they were not going to stop. They were my last customers for the day as I was just about to pull everything in. So I made $7 extra bucks and had 28 less items to bring back in! :)

Seventh - this is something I did not know about until Saturday right as I was about to close. Some one asked if I had advertised on CraigsList. Listing your garage sale on CraigsList is FREE to you AND can bring in more customers (especially if you live out in the boonies *hint hint Rebecca*) :) CraigsList is much more than just a way to advertise your garage sale. You can also list your high ticket items on there (instead of ebay) as well as search for high ticket items (rather than trying to win a bid).

So why is this posted today? Because I noticed it in my drafts folder. I had saved it instead of posting it. LOL!!!!

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