Saturday, July 28, 2007

Follow Up

Now that I have had some time to break down and cry and some time to get some sleep, I feel much better.

Yes, it did happen to me. Baby JJ was in the backseat. I have given him cookies for almost 4 months now and he has done fine with them. However, yesterday he did NOT do fine with them.

I had given him a new type of cookie. I just assumed since it was the same size as the other cookies he would do fine.

I think there may have been an ingredient in there he may have been allergic to. SO the choking may not have been cookie alone, but his throat may have swelled a bit in reaction. The only reason I say that is because AFTER his nap, his face was purple and his ears were bright red.

If he had looked like that BEFORE I put him down for a nap, I never would have put him down. He must have been pale from the whole incident (I know **I** was pale), and the nap gave time for the color (and MORE) to come back to him.

He also developed a high fever yesterday (which has since gone down).

So today, instead of a Saturday Sweethearts, I hope you will understand that I am gonna spend all day loving on my family - thankful to God we are all here, and alive.

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Carrie said...

Paula, I am so happy baby JJ is ok! How scary!