Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday's Fun: Vintage Games - Poor Kitty

Update of One Syllable:
We never really did play this. It was really fun teaching my oldest what a syllable was and seeing if she knew how many syllables were in certain words. It was a great way to keep her mind off her pain when she came to me saying "My finger is infected" and I replied "How many syllables does infected have?" She laughed and laughed (and what Momma can resist laughing when she hears her own children laughing?). So the game turned more into a how many syllables game. But it was fun and would not have been played had we not picked this game to learn. :)

This weeks game: Poor Kitty

This weeks game is considered a SERIOUS game because you are supposed to stay serious and NOT smile. VERY hard to do in our family. It is hard to imagine adults playing this game, yet it was mostly played by adults during it's time. But this is a GREAT game for children!!

One person is chosen to be the kitty. Everyone else sits in a circle. The kitty walks around on hands and knees and adopts a begging posture at the feet of one in the circle. The kitty looks as pathetic as he possibly can and gives a pitiful "meow." The one appealed to must say "poor kitty" in a consoling way as possible, but without the shadow of a smile. This is repeated three times and if a smile appears on either face, a forfeit is paid, and the kitty and the other player changes places.

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