Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just A Bunch Of Links - Homeschooling and Fun

So Devilogwife shared a link on her blog for homeschooling mp3's called Living Books For Ears. It reminded me of a link I have for Kiddie Weekly Records. After visiting Living Books For ears, I found a BUNCH of links from their blog that I just HAD to share! They are SO COOL!!! So this is just a list of them with a short description.

Kiddie Records Weekly
- remember those records you listened to as a child? They are now back in mp3 format for you to enjoy with your children. These are so fun! My daughter especially liked the one where you learn about the orchestra and all the instruments. And best of all, it is totally FREE!!! :)

HomeSchool Radio Shows
- "These fully dramatized half hour audio programs are a terrific way to introduce your kids to classic "living books" and make history "come to life" in a whole new way." Be SURE to sign up for their FREE newsletter so you don't miss a show!!!

Living Books For The Ears - This is the blog (with RSS feed, link is at the bottom of the page) for the HomeSchool Radio Shows. This is AWESOME as it has lots of links and activities to go with the audio file for the week. Since I have not gotten a newsletter, I am not sure if this is different than the newsletter or now. However, they do have an archive of shows missed. It is EXPENSIVE to keep a huge archive, so they only archive the past few shows instead of all of them. BUT you can always buy the CD which helps support them! :)

Shakespeare for the Ears - This site is basically just an advertisement, but if you love Shakespeare plays like me, or if you are teaching it to your children, this looks REALLY REALLY good.

Hands-On-Teaching-Tips - this site is FREE and has a FREE newsletter that I just signed up for. This site has printables that will really encourage a love of learning in your child. Cindy Rushton favors her writings, if that gives you any idea about what gold lies here. :)

George Washington Carver Activity and Coloring Book - Feb is Black History Month (or is that African-American History, I have given up on being politically correct). I was so excited to see this book (and if you goto the Living Books For The Ears link you can get an audio file to go along with the book). I am curious if this link will change once Feb is over.

You Need A Story - Endorsed by HomeSchool Radio Shows, this is another FREE resource for good old mp3 stories. Sign up for their newsletter to get a free download of a classic tale and to be sure to continue receiving great stories.

Wholesome Childhood Shows - This will prolly change frequently as it is partnered with HomeSchool Radio Shows. This is a list of mp3s, some of which are available right now from their blog and some which are not (not sure if they are past shows or not). If you have Download Them All (you need to have Firefox to be able to run this application), you can grab all the mp3s with just one click. :)

School 4 Jesus - FREE resources (ebooks, articles, etc.) to help you. This looks really good. It looks like it has more than just homeschooling stuff, but homemaking stuff as well. Be sure to sign up for their free newsletter!

George Washington's Rules of Civility - free list of his 110 rules!! Great to use with President's day!! And great just as a resource. I know most people know about Poor Richard's almanac (early to bed, early to rise ...) written by Ben Franklin, but he was not a Christian. These rules were written by a Christian and are a great resource. Plus this site is just plain COOL!! Oh, I would LOVE to go to Williamsburg ... someday! :)

I love to collect links! :) I hope that some of these will seem as exciting to you as they are to me! :)

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devildogwife said...

What a great list. I'll have to check them out next week when I have a bit more time. Thanks for sharing!