Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Works For Me: Easy Toy Storage

We all have it. An overabundance of toys leading to disorganized chaos! And almost all of us also have those zipper bags - you know the ones you get when you buy a new comforter or sheet set. And then there are the smaller ones that zip or snap. We collect them just because we KNOW there HAS to be SOME use for them!

We ladies, I have a solution! We store our toys in them! The larger bags hold legos, blocks, etc. The smaller snap ones hold cards (flash cards, playing cards - whose boxes seem to break so easily).

Putting them in the bag makes for easy clean up (as most children can zip or snap but have difficulty figuring out how to close the lid on some of those storage bins). And you can SEE what is in the bag, so you don't have to go through all the bins wondering which one has which (or create cute little labels which never last for long).

This way of storing toys proved invaluable when my FIL had a heart attack and we had all the kids plus SIL kids in the hospital day after day. When we had to run to the hospital, SIL just grabbed a zipped bag of legos and a zipped bag of blocks and a smaller zipped bag of crayons and coloring books and went off the the ICU waiting room. Plenty of toys to keep the kids occupied, and it was easy to clean up and take home each evening.

Works For ME Wednesday is a creation of Rocks In My Dryer.


Alexandra said...

Good tip! Thanks :)

Amy said...

I save those bags too. Thanks for giving all of them a purpose now!

Mommaroo2 said...

I thought about doing that once, but then I worried about them putting the bags over their heads. If you have only older children, that could still work. But I think they'd be great for storing other stuff, too. They seem to be fairly rugged.

My favorite use for the bigger bags is storing pillows, especially my nursing pillow and my wrap-around pregnancy body pillow. For the smaller bags (from sheet sets) you could store baby socks or hats. They're so hard to store neatly.

If you have smaller kids, you could always store stuff in them that you normally keep out of their reach, then dump it out and put the bag up until they're ready to put the toys away.

Rose said...

Great idea! Love the travel tip idea–just grab and go–thanks!