Monday, February 12, 2007


Besides taking some of the most BEAUTIFUL pictures (you have gotten REALLY good Rebecca!), Rebecca has one of the best blogging sites around. She is a gem just waiting to be discovered by the rest of you! :) She has the best ideas and really encourages and inspires you to do things! I made my paper dolls after seeing hers, am currently working on my own set of Victorian Calling Cards as well as a special secret I am HOPING to have done by Valentine's (keep checking back here for it).

She has done it again with three inspiring posts. These beautiful pictures really are inspiring in and of themselves, but I encourage you to read the posts that go along with each picture! :D

Click on each picture to goto her amazing post! THANK YOU REBECCA!!!

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Rebecca said...

Paula~imagine my surprise when I got on your site and read you talking me up like that! What a nice suprise and how good it made me feel! You just made my day without even knowing it! So, thank you!

I look forward to seeing your Victorian calling cards AND whatever special surprise you have in store! fun fun FUN!