Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday's Fun: Vintage Game - Flying

Last week's Poor Kitty was a DISASTER! The girls started acting VERY goofy. I have now learned not to give them opportunities to be goofy. I want them to be ladies, not goofs.

So this week's game is not only something that can be used for homeschooling, but looks really fun too!

Everyone but the leader sits with their right hand on their left arm. You can change this for younger ones by having them put their hands in their lap. Then the leader tells a story with as many animals as possible. Every time a flying creature is mentioned, the right hand should be raised in the air and waved in a flying like motion. For younger ones, it might be fun to let them put both hands in the air like they are flying(since they have a difficult time knowing left from right and might get frustrated at not raising the correct hand).

Not as easy as it sounds, especially the faster the story goes. And not all birds fly (penguins, ostriches for example) whereas some things that are not birds DO fly (bees, bats for example).

You can either have the person who forgets to raise their hand (or raises it when not appropriate) pay a forfeit, OR you can have them be "out." Last one remaining becomes the leader and tells the next story.

Another variation is that every time an animal is named, the children have to make the sound of that animal. This of course is most fun for younger children, but can be a way to play the game in the car when Momma is driving and needs to entertain the children on long car trips or after a long day of errand running. Have fun by naming animals that are fairly quiet (mouse, bunny, giraffe). LOL!!!

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