Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paper Back Book Swap

I admit it. I am a book junkie. I LOVE books! Whenever I go into Goodwill or to a garage sale, the first place I gravitate towards is the book section.

I took the plunge and put the icon on my web page for Paper Back Swap. If you join (please click the icon on the left hand side to join), it should have my email as the referring email. Yes, I do get credit for every person who signs up and posts nine books to the swap.

It is FREE to join and FREE to get books! The only thing you have to pay is shipping on the books you send out (shipping media mail costs you $1-$4 on average). Every time you send a book out, you get a point. Every point gets you another book for free.

I have done the half.com thing and ebay thing in order to get rid of books. And I must admit that the money I get goes mostly towards buying other books! LOL!! Not to mention that fee you have to pay to sell your book through them.

Paper Back Swap has no fees. No ratings and no reviews of buyers/sellers. It DOES have reviews of books (which I totally like), and you would be surprised at the CHRISTIAN titles there!! Even some books that are ultra conservative have been "bought" through Paper Back Swap.

I hope to see you there! You prolly have a book that I want!! :) After posting up my nine books, I found out that I already had someone waiting for one of my books! And one of the books I wanted, while not listed at the moment (an ULTRA conservative Christian book), HAS been listed previously (which means someone beat me to getting that book!). :)

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devildogwife said...

I just joined a couple of weeks ago (or so), and I received my first book today. I'm waiting on another to arrive. Most of the books that I first listed were snatched up right away. I love this idea.