Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday's Fun: Vintage Games - Earth! Water! Air! Fire!

OK, I did not hear any response to my question from last week on whether or not you want me to continue sharing these family games or not. If not, please do let me know. And if you like them SHOW SOME LOVE (ie. comment) and let me know! :)

Todays game is Earth! Water! Air! Fire!

If your group is small, have everyone sit in a circle. if it is large, divide into two groups (each in a long line facing each other). Take a handkerchief and knot one end so it can easily be thrown (or in today's version you can use something like a nerf ball). Give the handkerchief to one person and have them throw it in the lap of someone in the circle (or across the line). As he throws it he calls out either "Earth!" "Water!" or "Air!" and then begins to count to ten.

The one whose lap it falls into must name some bird or animal which lives or moves about in that environment. For example, if he shouts "Earth!" the one whose lap the handkerchief falls in might answer "worms!" If he is unable to answer before the thrower counts to ten, then he is out.

However if the handkercheif is thrown and the one who throws it calls out "Fire!" then the one into whose lap it falls must remain perfectly silent. If he does not, he is out of the game and must pay a forfeit.

Play continues until all the members of one side are out.


SK and Family said...

I like games!

Rebecca said...

I like when you post your games...keep it up! ;-)