Monday, February 26, 2007

My Calling Card

I finally did it. I have a homeschool group meeting tonight and MADE myself finish my calling card so I could pass them out. Thank you Rebecca for the inspiration!!! And just for your info, that is NOT my real name, I call my husband BABY but the real card has his real name, and those are NOT the names of our children, but it looked to weird having nothing there or just AA. :) Their real names are on the real card too. :)


Rebecca said...

Beautiful card! What a perfect opportunity to hand them out too! That is great!

I DID receive the wedding certificate in my email. I am sorry it has taken so long to get back but my house has been full of sickness and stress lately, as you already know! I have been doing BARE minimum on computer lately.

As for my friend, I don't even know who that WAS so I can't vouch for her/him!

devildogwife said...

I LOVE that calling card. I love using calling cards and can't wait to get some made for our new location. Only, I don't know our new number yet. lol!!

Great job!

Carrie said...

Paula, I LOVE it! It reminds me of Laura Ingalls' in The Long Winter. :) I have often thought about doing something similar - maybe now would be the perfect time since we have a new address and are meeting lots of new people!

SK and Family said...

I love it! I have some with my name only--from Small Meadow Press~another site I think you'd ADORE!!