Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's A 'Mergency

MM (3yogirl): Momma! Come quick! in all seriousness It's an 'mergency!!!

She huffs and puffs and runs up the stairs. I follow. She stands in a certain spot VERY close to the wall.

MM: There's an mmmmmmm she hums in a very low tone sound.

Mommy: I hear it.

MM: No Momma. Stand right here.

She makes me stand in the exact spot she was just standing, very close to the wall.

Mommy: That is the sound of the bath water running through the pipes.

MM: with a very serious and sad face I don't like it. She jumps herself up into my arms into a tight embrace.

-=-=- Ok, so this might have been one of those YOU HAD TO BE THERE to appreciate it moments, but oh this was too terribly CUTE!!!

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