Sunday, February 4, 2007

We Live

If you are like me, the first time you heard this song, you thought it was so depressing that you changed the station before you were able to hear the whole song. My husband felt convicted the last time he did, and went back to listen to it all. Then he made me listen to the whole song. I encourage you now to listen and watch this video. The song is We Live by Superchick.

And while you may be filled with grief for the moments you wasted (yelling at the children, not appreciating your spouse, etc.) move pass the grief and learn to live and ENJOY the moment!

There are so many regrets I have because I have not lived like I should.

Sometimes I miss out because I lived in fear. I was scared to goto New York (when we were vacationing only an hour away). So we did not go. The next year the World Trade Center was gone forever.

Sometimes I miss out because I am selfish. I want to do my thing so I yell at my children when they interfere with my selfish wants.

Other times I do it right. My kids spill something and instead of yelling at yet another mess Momma has to clean up, we laugh and clean up together. We got to goto New Orleans before it was destroyed by Katrina and all the mom and pop shops disappeared. We got to goto Disneyland during their 50th anniversary (my husband's grandfather and great-grandfather both helped to build the castle and some of the rides that are still there to this day).

If you still haven't watched the video or heard the song, I encourage you to know. And resist the urge to "change the station." Allow God to convict you and prayerfully we will all change for His glory.

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